A Few More Mini #bookreviews

Last week I expressed my apologies for the slack-ish ways I’ve resorted to. I shared three ridiculously short book reviews, followed by a promise for a few more. Here I am, holding to that promise. They’re every bit as tiny as the last ones, and I’m quite sure the next slew of them will be too. Never the less, the ratings and recommendations stand strong!! That said, don’t judge me and together lets at least KEEP READING!!



MY annoyingly super short REVIEW: This book is phenomenal!! Alternating personalities can make or break a story, and Hawkins can certainly make it!! Every character is felt in a personal level. The connectedness and attachment to each and every one of them (like or dislike) feels as real as can possibly be.
It’s a tragic story, with deep secrets, transgressions and mystery. I loves every single page of it!!


MY too short of a REVIEW: Gory, twisted… classic King feel. I really enjoyed this one! King has been hit and miss for me. There was a good chunk of this book that I was afraid he was veering toward aliens and I was kinda dreading it. Turns out the beastly thing that took over desperation is a creature of its own. Not alien, nor demon nor anything with a kind quite like it. It was refreshing to read a another King book with a unique setting and creature. It had all the creepiness that makes King the King. I was a tad bit disappointed in the ending.

CHESS: Vampires of Wonderland, book 3, CANDACE ROBINSON AND AMBER R. DUELL

MY (sadly short with a promise for more because it certainly deserves it) REVIEW: Chess is every bit as panty dropping and bone-chill shocking as the previous Vampire in Wonderland tales!! Ill be sinking my teeth into Knave tonight and I can’t wait!
As Ever embarks on the long coming journey of reclaiming her rightful throne, the banished prince of wonderland is a perfect enemy to become her lover. Chess is a nasty, egotistical vamp with a lustful way about him that you can’t help but to root for.
The tension is tough, the mission intense yet emotional and the sex is inevitably to die for!! This duo of writers have nailed yet another one! It’s safe to say I’m a fan for life…. FOR LIFE!

So, here’s the thing with Chess – I’m reading Knave now and just wow!! Seriously every single book that I’ve read by these two are amazing. I can’t speak their praise enough!! I’ll be lengthening this review for Chess as it most certainly deserves to give you guys a better feel for it. I’ll also do a full length review for Knave when I’m finished with it. THEN I’ll be throwing the entire series into a really long and phenomenal post. Sounds like a bit much after I’ve totally half assed my last few review posts but it’s the least I can do for such an outstanding set of books! So stay tuned!

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  1. Hi Didi, it’s nice to see a post from you. I have also been blogging less since my husband’s stroke on 4 January. He is much better now. The King book does interest me. I’ll take a peek on Amazon. I hope you are doing okay. Working full time is tough with kids.

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    1. I’m glad to hear he’s doing ok!! Praying for a continuous recovery ❤️. Staying on top of things is certainly a challenge!!

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      1. Yes, it gets easier with time though. You build coping strategies.


  2. Laura Beth says:

    Great reviews!

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