The Why #amwriting

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As creators, we love the challenge of writing. We love the feeling of satisfaction that comes with pushing the boundaries of our own imaginations. There’s something about taking one certain thought or idea and then molding and transforming it into something bigger. Something deeper. Something that’s unique… and beautifully so.…

#Poetry Poetically Whole

Tender like bliss Softens To touch without touching To be felt Heard with no voice The tingle Enlightened with bright Wholesome white As within So without Fresh Anew.

Autumn With An Author: Didi Oviatt

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I would like to introduce Didi Oviatt, a versatile, prolific author who often writes with the hands of another author and produces brilliant books. She is an upbeat person and although I have never met her, I feel to have known her for awhile. This interview turned out to be…