#Poetry Poetically Whole

Tender like bliss Softens To touch without touching To be felt Heard with no voice The tingle Enlightened with bright Wholesome white As within So without Fresh Anew.

Saddle Up Saloon; Robbie Cheadle in the Author’s Chair

Must read feature!! Carrot Ranch Literary Community “Pal! It’s our first real Author’s Chair segment! With Robbie Cheadle!” “Robbie Cheadle? She’s a prolific writer, an’ in many genres. Whatever she shares, it’s sure ta be good. Here she is now. Howdy Robbie. Welcome ta the Author’s Chair here at the Saddle Up Saloon stage.” “Hello…

Autumn With An Author: Didi Oviatt

Originally posted on Valentina Expressions:
I would like to introduce Didi Oviatt, a versatile, prolific author who often writes with the hands of another author and produces brilliant books. She is an upbeat person and although I have never met her, I feel to have known her for awhile. This interview turned out to be…

I’m Totally Freaking Out Here!

Originally posted on Didi Oviatt -Author:
For the first time in my life I’m going to give a public speech about my writing! Whew, even just typing that, and/or saying it out loud, gives me a weird mix of excitement AND anxiety! My nerves are eating me from the inside out. The closest I’ve ever come…