Fiction Writing: How to Choose Fitting Names For Your Characters

I’ve always hated names. It’s kind of a kick in the face for me. Choosing names for my characters is one the most dreaded parts of writing for lots of authors. Knowing that I’m not alone in this is comforting, but it still doesn’t really solve anything.

My editor actually floated me this big long email after checking the first round of my last novel Search For Maylee. She told me now much she loved the names of my characters. Now, receiving this kind of news all the while knowing how badly I usually suck at names, honestly filled me with the warmest feeling. It was kind of like an early Christmas present. She even went as far as to research the meanings and how wonderfully the personality traits of my main characters actually matched up. I was elated!!

Jina S. Bazzar wrote an article in the Conscious Talk Magazine that really resonated with me in terms of choosing names! In her article titled Fiction Writing: How to Choose Fitting Names For Your Characters she wrote:

“Giving the characters of your book fitting names is often a very frustrating process. One that, unfortunately, every writer has to go through. Imagine a nursery full of babies. All the countless names. Now imagine that nursery full of adolescents, children, elder men and women, throw in some pets. The writer will have to enter that nursery, clipboard and pen in hand and start giving names that will fit every character, taking into account their gender and their personalities.”

Check out the rest of Jina’s article for tips in choosing names. If you’re anything like me, you could use all the help in the name department you can get!

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