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#ARC sign up! Choose Between 7 books, Amazon #kindle Gifted!

My writing buddy Kim and I are inviting all friends to an ARC read and review round! This means you will be gifted a FREE Amazon Kindle copy of one of the below books, in exchange for an honest review. The event is taking place between the 1st- 31st January 2018. The only polite request is, if you receive a copy of the book you signed up for, please read and leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads during January 2018. Note that all but three of these books are novella length, and should not take long to read. Feel free to forward this event onto anyone who you may feel is interested! Sharing is caring!!

Further descriptions on each book can be found on Amazon Author Pages here:



We are both so excited for this freebie review round!! It’s a hell of a way to kick of the new year.  The requests have been coming in and neither of us can wait to see your shining reviews on Amazon and Goodreads!  Thank you readers!


Happy Reading!!!



Amazon Giveaway Entry – Watching Glass Shatter (By January 17th)

DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS GIVEAWAY!!! Watching Glass Shatter is such an amazing book! If you haven’t already read this, then click through and read James’ instructions on how to enter to win a copy! 🙂

This Is My Truth Now

I’ve created an Amazon Giveaway for my novel, Watching Glass Shatter. You can enter at the link below to win a Kindle edition before January 17th. All you need to do is tweet about the book. Details @:

Watching-Glass-Shatter-Promo-Hardback-EreaderBook Description

Watching Glass Shatter was published on October 8th, 2017 and is available for purchase in both electronic and physical print form. It has 300+ reviews, averaging 4.7 on Amazon & 4.3 on Goodreads in a 5 point scale.

The wealthy Glass family lost its patriarch, Benjamin Glass, sooner than expected. Benjamin’s widow, Olivia, and her 5 sons each react to his death in their own way while preparing for the reading of his will. Olivia receives a very unexpected confession from her late husband about one of their sons that could shatter the whole family.

Prior to revealing the secret to her children, Olivia must figure out which boy…

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Review: Before I Let You Go, by Kelly Rimmer 3.75 stars

My Review:

I get mixed emotions about books often, but I think with Before I Let You Go it was the first time I’ve ever actually had a deep rooted LOVE HATE relationship for the read. From cover to cover there were so many times I bawled my eyes out and literally wanted to throw my kindle at the wall. Then there were other times that I wanted to give Kelly Rimmer a gigantic hug and tell her thank you from the depths of my soul for bringing such a powerful story about.

There are several reasons this book was a hard pill to swallow for me. I struggled to have babies of my own. During my personal journey I heard so many stories of drug addicted mommies and daddies. I even worked in a daycare at the time, and witnessed firsthand the struggles of kids being very obviously mistreated. Every time I’d suffer a miscarriage it was a struggle to wrap my head around the fact that babies are born into inevitably hard lifestyles every single day, yet women like myself couldn’t even have one. I now have two children (after loosing seven) and a long since hysterectomy. I went into this book knowing that it would be emotional for me, yet I was hoping for a different outlook and an insight into compassion. The type of compassion that I know I should have a little more of for people who have different lifestyles than my own.

What I got was SO much more complex than what I expected!!  It felt so real, on so many levels, and left me with the type of understanding that I’ve never had before. I have plenty of loved ones who have struggled with addiction, but the insight that this book offers is so intense and so gut wrenching. I didn’t expect to experience even a fraction of the emotions that this story drug out, but I did, and so here I am… writing a review that is likely to be the longest in depth break down that I’ve ever actually given a book.

Before my love hate details, I’ll do a super quick rundown of the story line:

Lexie and Annie are sisters, and they couldn’t be any more opposite. Their father died when they were young, and their mother wound up raising them in an extremist religious community. For the most part, Lexie stepped up and played the role of a parent to Annie. She was the first to run away (at 16) and Annie eventually followed suit (at 15).. but not before the community (mostly their step-father) broke Annie in practically every way imaginable. While there, Lexie was compliant and found her own way in secret growing up, all the while Annie was always on the receiving end of punishment for wearing a personality on her sleeve. To say the abuse was taxing on her young mind would be an extreme understatement. The time Annie was there without Lexie was life altering.
Fast forward some years down the line… Lexie is a doctor, and engaged to a general sergeant named Sam. (I love Sam!). Her life is perfect in every way aside from the burden of her now long time heroine addicted sister. Annie has a track record of running to Lexie for a bail out, who is always quick to the hand out. Lexie tries to understand Annie and wants to save her despite the constant emotional and financial drain that Annie brings every single time. But, now things are different. This time there is a baby involved, and the process of detoxing during/after pregnancy, followed by intensive rehab and care for the addicted child is an excruciating process.

Things I loved:
I really liked the writing in general. Kelly has a way with description, and the picture drawn is flawless. I love her style. I felt like I was actually there, and like I truly understood the thought process of whoever’s voice was being portrayed. I love the way it all plays out, and is unfolded over time. I love the insight to how exactly Annie’s addiction spiraled so out of control, and I loved that I gained compassion for her. I love Sam! He is just the level headed and supportive character that this story needed. I love the light this book shines on enablers, and the way they blindly feed the addiction of those they are trying to save from it. I love the depth of love and family ties between siblings!  Last but not least, I love the ending.  I felt it to be extremely realistic!

Things I hated:
Lets just start with Lexie and Annie’s mom. I hate everything about her. I point the finger of blame at her just as much as I do her disgusting husband. Honestly, how could she!?!  How could she expose her children to a lifestyle that she knew first hand to be awful? One that she herself once escaped from? How could she put them in the path of the man she married? How could she turn away and burry her nose in the blindness of her “faith” over growing a backbone to protect her own kids?!  Especially after they suffered the same loss as her in their father. She may have grieved her husband, but those girls lost their dad and she should have been their rock. Instead she dropped them and watched quietly while they shattered against the very faith and the very man that she hid behind. This woman plays a very small part in the book, yet possibly the biggest all at the same time. I hate her.

I also had a hard time with Lexie, the perfect one. If there were ever such thing as a first place prize for the biggest enabler in the history of all enablers, then Lexie Vidler would win that prize. She’s an idiot. Her outlook on Annie, and on how to approach Annie’s addiction had me pretty consistently pissed off. I also hate the way that she pushed Sam away all the time and tried handling everything on her own. Especially since she was handling it so stupidly!

Most of all I hate everything that that poor sweet innocent little baby had to go through! Annie acts like she will do anything (and is trying) for the baby, but why did she wait until that poor child was due before she called for help?! Also, I hate that Lexie cares more about handing the child back over to her addict sister for the sake of ‘helping’ than she is about actually assuring Annie has broken her addiction before giving her an actual human life!  I spent the entire book rooting for Annie to get well, yet was pissed off left and right at Lexie for caring more about hurting Annie’s feelings and/or bailing her out of rehab than keeping that baby safe! That baby should have came first and foremost from the day Annie realized she was pregnant, but she wasn’t. It’s the child that received the blunt end of the entire family’s issues, and she was the least focused on. I hated that.

I’m very glad I read this book and would recommend it to anyone who is suffering or even enabling addiction! It’s a MUST READ that I equally hated as much as I loved.
Thank you NetGalley and the Publisher for giving me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


The 2:00 a.m. call is the first time Lexie Vidler has heard her sister’s voice in years. Annie is a drug addict, a thief, a liar—and in trouble, again. Lexie has always bailed Annie out, given her money, a place to sleep, sent her to every kind of rehab. But this time, she’s not just strung out—she’s pregnant and in premature labor. If she goes to the hospital, she’ll lose custody of her baby—maybe even go to prison. But the alternative is unthinkable.

As the weeks unfold, Lexie finds herself caring for her fragile newborn niece while her carefully ordered life is collapsing around her. She’s in danger of losing her job, and her fiancé only has so much patience for Annie’s drama. In court-ordered rehab, Annie attempts to halt her downward spiral by confronting long-buried secrets from the sisters’ childhoods, ghosts that Lexie doesn’t want to face. But will the journey heal Annie, or lead her down a darker path?

Both candid and compassionate, Before I Let You Go explores a hotly divisive topic and asks how far the ties of family love can be stretched before they finally break.

Start 2018 With Free Books!

Hello Book Lovers!

My co-author and I are inviting you to our Author Review Copy read and review round…. this means freebies!

1st-31st January 2018

Would you like a FREE Amazon gifted copy of one of our books below? (plus more!!!) There’s no catch, we promise. We’re doing an ARC read and review round. Anyone who is interested in a book will be gifted a copy, in exchange for an honest review. Check out the blurbs, if something takes your fancy there’s a Google forms link THAT CAN BE FILLED OUT HERE to indicate your interest and you will receive a free copy directly. The link will be clickable at the bottom of post as well.
Happy New Year!
Happy Reading!

The Red Room, Romance In The City

The Red Room is book one of the Romance In The City novella series, of steamy and romantic standalone short stories.

Rita Lane lives a double life in her day job she’s a receptionist at the prestigious London Park Hotel. By night her adventures begin. As a thirty something year old woman she is content with her single status. Richard Clarkson a New York based guest at the Park Hotel has firmly closed the door to romance, after a rocky marriage. As soon as Rita checks Richard into the hotel as a guest the sparks and electricity between the two begin.

After hours, the day before Valentine’s Day , their paths cross in an unexpected way. Rita and Richard’s desire for each other is on maximum …. will they cross the line to become more than just friends? The Red Room is a steamy short story set in London with diverse characters that will leave you wanting more.

Lover’s Retreat, Romance Set In Paradise

Lover’s Retreat is book #2 of the Romance Set in Paradise Series of stand alone modern, steamy, suspenseful and romantic stories. All set in exotic locations around the world.

For thirty seven year old recluse Yasmin O’Neil, life feels like one crisis after another. Her husband left her five years ago, she starts to suspect she’s losing her hearing, and then her mother is diagnosed with cancer. When her mother passes away her fortune changes. Yasmin is fifty thousand pounds richer from her mother’s estate. Yasmin takes her fate into her own hands after years of being a recluse, she rediscovers herself at a spiritual retreat in Sri Lanka south Asia, before she plans to spend the next six months travelling around the world. In Sri Lanka, Yasmin’s path crosses with Michael Thomas, an army soldier on his own path of self discovery. With their luke warm initial encounter the pair don’t hit it off straight away. After some push and pull the two are finally on the same page. Their encounter turns from luke warm to steamy sizzling hot.

In Lover’s Retreat two very different characters originally on different paths, embrace the need for change and companionship. Set in the back drop of paradise, palm trees and untouched nature of Sri Lanka, these two lonely souls gain more than just self discovery they gain a soul mate.


The Suspenseful Collection Volume #1

For Mature Readers Only:

A suspenseful novel with a twist. Eight short stories, by two suspense authors, from diverse backgrounds. From opposite sides of the Atlantic these stories have been created. One author started the tale and the other ended it. No discussion, no pre-planning, but yet their stories are seamless. With just creativity and the use of writing prompts, to craft one tale, with two different writers. This anthology of suspenseful, fast paced and engaging tales covers multiple genres. From heart felt romance, crime, fantasy, and steamy historical fiction. There is a story for everyone!

Steamy Historical Crime Fiction: It was The First Time I Killed A Man.

It’s 1972 and New York’s first female serial killer Lisa Vanacilli is in the hot seat again, ten years after her conviction of murder to the first degree and innocent plea. The ruthless but sexy reporter Tiffany Low cracks Lisa for a confession… at a price. Lisa is strong, courageous and says it how it is. This story has been extended due to reader’s demand. And is only for adult readers.

Psychological Fiction: Every Time I Hear That Voice From The Basement.

George appears to be harmless. The local neighbourhood geek on the outside, married to Jolene. In reality, he’s a very disturbed man. His path crosses with Dana, the local check out girl. This is a psychological suspense story with a twist.

Crime Fiction: The Entrance To The Tunnel Is His Only Way Out.

Juan is a wanted man, and an ex-gang member on the run from Atlanta to Mexico. With a hundred grand in cash stolen from his ex-boss, he meets an unlikely fate in Mexico. A fast-paced crime fiction story.

Contemporary Romance: When His Hands Run Up My Thighs I…

Love has no time limit, age limit or use by date. Sarah now in her fifties is reunited with her long-lost love Joshua. They last had contact in 1961. In the present day, thanks to the advancement of technology their paths cross. A heart-warming and modern tale, about long distance love, that will leave you warm inside.

Suspense: We Only Said Goodbye With Words, I Died A Hundred Times:

In 1963 Russian Femme Fatale Mila Petrov is London’s top Madam. Her entertainment house is booming, she has a team of London’s strongest women behind her. Unfinished business from her past creeps up and haunts her. It’s nothing she can’t handle. A suspenseful historical tale, with a strong femme fatale.

Fantasy: The Ones Who Live At The Bottom Of The Ocean, Come To The Surface.

A beautiful coming of age story, featuring sixteen year old Zoe and her mother May-Li. Myth becomes reality, as Zoe finds out who and what she really is. Her mixed descent reveals more than what meets the eye. This fantasy story is set against the backdrop of a Greek island and Hong Kong, China.

Suspenseful Crime Fiction: Guilty As Charged, In Self-Defence

California’s sassy, tough, and likeable defence lawyer Catherine has taken on a case so high profile, if she wins she’ll become a partner of Martin Law Firm. Defending forty six year old Mrs. Chevelle. An ex Las Vegas show girl, now a Hollywood wife, on trial for the murder of her high-profile husband. She claims she’s innocent. Readers are taken on a fast -paced journey on a mission to seek the truth.

Contemporary Fiction: It’s A Man’s Man’s World:

A beautiful modern tale showing the love and appreciation of a woman. James Brown said it right when he said, “it’s a man’s man’s world, but it would mean nothing without a woman or a girl.”


Search For Maylee

Since Maylee was abducted from her high school the very month of graduation, her Aunt Autumn has never lost hope in finding her. It’s been three years. Autumn has finally reached inside herself and found the courage to track down an old lead. She moves across the country to find him. Will Autumn be able to pry Maylee’s case back open? More importantly, what will Autumn uncover in the process of searching for Maylee? It’s a cold dark world we live in, and she is about to find out just how cruel it can be. Strength and determination are on Autumn’s side and she will do what ever it takes.


Havana Heat
THIS IS FREE NOW ON AMAZONHavana Heat is book one of the Romance Set in Paradise series of modern,steamy, suspenseful and romantic stories, set in exotic locations around the world. In Havana Heat readers are transported to the paradise of Cuba’s capital Havana, following the romance and heat build between Spaniard Detective Sebastian Garcia, and London born and bred wedding planner Melinda Jones. Melinda’s path crosses with the handsome and charming Detective at Casa De Amour Hotel as a guest at her client’s exotic location wedding. Both characters are in search of a slice of paradise, away from their own troubled love life back home. Once their paths cross the romance and sizzle begins.

When all hell breaks out at Casa De Amour Hotel, and conflict builds over their past both characters are faced with a decision to take a risk and see out their romance, or walk away. Forever asking themselves what could have been. Romance, thrills and excitement await in book one of this modern romance series set in paradise.



Happy New Year, Book Nerds! May your…

May your mornings be filled with reading hangovers.

May your days be full of wandering thoughts.

May your afternoons be full of nailing goals.

May your evenings be full of loved ones and fun.

May your fantasies tickly your fancies.

May your mysteries throw you great twists.

May your horrors cause you to look over your shoulder.

May your thrillers be unique.

May your memoirs give you healthy self-reflection.

May your kids books tug at a smile.

May your inspirationals truly inspire.

May your romance leave you feeling satisfied.

May your history spark further interest.

May your YA be insanely thought provoking.

May 2017 end with the close of a book.

And, may 2018 open a new one that’s even better.



Overcoming #PTSD With the Help of Reading and Writing – Guest Post, by Lynn Hammond

I have Lynn Hammond here with an inspiring guest post about how she developed a love for reading and eventually writing as an outlet in learning to live and cope with PTSD. Lynn’s message is short yet extremely powerful. Hopefully her post will persuade others to follow her lead in finding a positive outlet of their own. I’m so grateful that Lynn was able to turn to books in aid of her grief and trauma. Lynn currently has one book of her own released and available, and another one coming soon! I personally can’t wait to give them each a read!

(If you’d like to be considered for a guest post visit here!)


Now, let’s hear from Lynn:

May 11, 2011 my life changed.

My father left my house on a motorcycle.

About five minutes later we heard several different siren sounds.

An ambulance went down our road several times with the sirens on. My husband decided he wants to go find out what was going on.

That day I lost my father and I lost myself.

It took two years to recover from his death.

I went to a facility for seven weeks to do Cognitive therapy. These classes help recovery from PTSD. My assignment was “pick one hobby to do”. I picked reading. After seven weeks’ I could read a whole book without distractions.

I have been reading one book every two days. I notice that this helps me relax and imagine myself in the romance stories.

When I started reviewing books on Amazon I notice the authors were sending me Facebook request. I really enjoyed talking with them, playing games on their sites, and just helping them with characters in their book.

I went to my first RT convention in Atlanta, GA. I decided why not try to write. I really enjoyed the atmosphere. I ask several authors about my ideas and they loved it and encouraged me to write.

I like New Adult Romance because it is exciting. At the beginning adult stages, the teenagers are experimenting. They want to be grown-ups. As a teenager once myself you are so full of life and you have so many obstacles to face.

I have a lot of stories to tell and one day I hope to get them all out.

Thanks for Listen,

Lynn Hamond

Lynn’s book Alaskan Love Voyage can be purchased on: Nook, B&N, Kobo, Apple, as well as Kindle!


Alaskan Love Voyage Excerpt:


I’ve been in this tiny stateroom for one hour. When I got inside the room, there was only one bed. I picked up the phone and called downstairs. They told me that the beds will separate into two full-size ones.

After twenty minutes of getting the beds separated and our luggage put up, I am starving. I decide to call our friends and see where they are. They tell me there weren’t enough tickets left for everyone, so they decided to change their plans. They are going to celebrate Christmas with a road trip closer to home. Great. I guess I should have checked with them first. At least now I can spend as much time with Keegan as I want. I decide to see what she’s up to.

Me: Hey you ready to eat?

Keegan: Yeah, let me get some clothes on, and I’ll meet you at the elevator.

Me: Shoot, I am heading that way to help you. ❤

Keegan: Maybe tonight.

She didn’t say no! I get a feeling that this girl is going to be hard to let go of when our cruise is done. She is beautiful, sassy, smart, and has a body with all the curves a man wants. I push Carl out the door, and we head to meet Keegan.

She is waiting right where she said. She has put on a pair of leggings with Christmas lights on them, and a reindeer sweatshirt. She has short, black Ugg boots on. The whole ensemble is really cute and accentuates her curves. When I get to her, I can smell a vanilla and cinnamon fragrance. She smells like a homemade apple pie. I am suddenly thankful our friends couldn’t make it. I wrap my arm around her shoulders and lean into her.

“Tonight, I am going to eat the best Apple pie,” I whisper in her ear and she shudders. Let the games begin.

We all get on the elevator and push the third-floor button. Carl is staring out the glass window, talking about the hot women he saw while walking in front of the slot machine room. Neither of us is paying any attention to him. Keegan has melted against me, snuggling her head on my chest. All I can think about is getting her in bed and showing her she’s mine.

The elevator stops, and we walk out, heading toward the dining area. Tonight is steak and lobster. There are already people standing at the door, waiting to be seated. After about fifteen minutes, we are taken to a table. We are sitting with other people because the ship must accommodate everyone. As long as no other guy sits with us, I don’t have a problem with it.

The waiter arrives to get our drink orders, and Carl motions for me to look behind me. When I turn around, I see a woman I recognize. She is wearing a little, formfitting, red satin dress and is heading towards our table. She sits down beside me and starts talking to the man on her other side.

I suddenly realize who she is, and my heart skips a beat. Shoot! Breathe. That’s what I need to do. That was my professor’s wife I slept with. She has changed her hair from dark brown to light brown with auburn color streaks. This cannot be happening. I look over to Carl, who is laughing quietly at the table. Keegan has now turned to him and is asking what’s so funny. I can feel the sweat running down my back. I open my phone and text him.

Ding. He hides the phone under the table before looking at it.

Otis: Man, we got to find another table.

Carl: Hell no, this place is packed and I am hungry. Just don’t make eye contact with that woman. If she says anything to you, pretend you didn’t hear her.

Like that’s gonna help. I slide my chair closer to Keegan and wrap my arm around her shoulders. The waiter arrives with our beverages. He takes all our orders and walks off to plug them into the computer.

“So, Keegan, what kind of job do you do?” I ask, keeping my attention on her.

“I am a bartender at Whisky River in Charlotte, North Carolina,” she says.

The woman beside me snorts, and then laughs. This is not making things easier. Keegan opens her mouth to say something, but I close it with my lips. She smiles. Crisis averted for now.

“During the day, I go to school. I am taking engineering classes now, and then I will transfer to do civil engineering,” she continues after our kiss.

The whole table gets quiet, and all eyes are on her. I am shocked that a woman would want to do that kind of work, and it looks like I’m not the only one. But somehow, it only makes her hotter.

“Wow! That is so cool. I think I am in love with you,” Carl beats me to it.

“Really? You’re going into engineering? That’s a man’s job,” the woman beside me says.

She seems really determined to insert herself in our conversation.

“I’m sorry, what is your name?” Keegan asks her.

I am now biting my tongue, praying it’s not Dina, or that she won’t talk about our time together.

“It’s Dina! The man beside you used to call me his angel in bed,” she says.

Shit! Keegan looks pissed. She stands up, throws her napkin down, and excuses herself from the table. I watch her walk off, unable to follow. I am stunned. I don’t know what to do.

“Otis, I am so sorry I said that. I will get up and apologize,” Dina says.

“Hell no, stay away from her and stay away from me,” I say abruptly. Hasn’t she done enough harm already? I push out of my chair and chase after Keegan.

I find her halfway down the hall and start jogging after her. She turns around, and the look on her face is pure anger. Her cheeks are splotchy and her neck is streaked red. She holds her hand up for me to stop where I am.

“Look, I am sorry I got up and left, but what that woman said brought back some memories, and I just lashed out. I had a fiancé; his name was Bishop. I walked into work a little early, one day, and he was having sex with my best friend in the supply closet. He told her she fucked like an angel,” she says, crying.

Now I understand her reaction. I walk over and put my arms around her, and just let her cry. I don’t understand why a man would want to cheat on her. I have known her for a day, and I want to keep her forever.

After a few minutes, she pulls away and wipes her eyes. “I am so sorry I fussed at you. It is not your fault, what my ex did. What you did, with that woman in there, is not my business.”

“That happened months ago, and I don’t really want to talk about it. I was being a punk back then, and I used her to get a good grade in school,” I say, hoping this is the end of it.

As we turn to leave, we hear Carl calling our names. He runs up, out of breath, bending down with his hands on his knees. You would think he ran a marathon.

“Hey, guys, were you going to leave me in there, with those crazy people? Hey, there is a pub restaurant one floor up. Let’s go try the Ultimate Skillet burger,” he says.

Why not? It’s not like we’re going back in there anyway, and we’re still hungry. I grab Keegan’s hand, and we head towards the elevator.

We make it to this place, on the next level, called The Salty Dog. We head in and take a seat at

Lynn also has a new book coming soon!

medium book cover

A bit more about Lynn Hammond:

Lynn Hammond works fulltime as a LPN but writes at night. She lives in Rock Hill, South Carolina. She is a RWA member. She loves to make children’s tutu in her spare time. Every night before bed she takes time to read. She loves romance, paranormal romance, and erotica. She is a proud mother of three beautiful girls, two beautiful grandbabies, two boxer pups, two lizards, four ducks, and love spending time with her husband riding in her father’s old corvette. She is a new author writing New Adult romance and would love to hear for readers. You can contact her by email, To find out more, please visit her face book page at


Free Manuscript Critique Comes to AWP Writers Club

A Writer's Path

Hi all!

To let everyone know, free partial manuscript critique is now a benefit of A Writer’s Path Writers Club. Here is the page for the free services, accessed only by active members:

(password protected)

We’re adding new free services all the time. In fact, I just added free query editing, free proposal editing, and free manuscript editing today.

If you’re not a current member, check out our club!

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Making 2018 Our Bitch #writers #poem

To the Independent writers who charge each New Year,

With a fresh boost of confidence overpowering the cheer.

We lower our brows and draw conscious breath,

There’s no room for stagnancy we’ll write till the death.

The independent road’s rough, it’s yet to be paved, 

We hustle and work to make our own way.

Our bodies know nothing of rest or of sleep,

Our brains are too busy to let in the weak.

 Sometimes we’re distracted and sometimes we get weird,

Our projects have tendency to be permanently seared.

Our characters take over our personalities and minds,

We can never escape them its all part of the grind.

As the New Year approaches so does that itch,

And the confidence is cranked to make 2018 our BITCH!!


Happy writing, Indi-warriors!! The New Year is approaching and I can’t wait to see what it brings!! I know I have big plans, how about you?

Favorite Christmas Memories

Nesie's Place

Favorite Christmas Memories banner

The holiday season is often a time of reflection for some, with hearts and minds returning to memories of Christmases past. One of my favorite Christmas memories is from the year I was ten.

Hospitalized with a non-malignant mass on my thyroid, I was one sad, little girl knowing my parents and eight siblings would celebrate the day without me. Christmas was always a loud, crazy day for my family, full of music and food, and lots of laughter, and I was going to miss it.

But when my doctor, Pedro Sevidall, arrived for his rounds on Christmas Eve, he came bearing gifts. I could go home for Christmas…from 8 AM to 5 PM. The size of the mass in my throat made speaking, swallowing and eating all major feats, but I didn’t care, I was going home for the day.

It was a great day. I’d already been in…

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