Short Stories and Teasers

New Age Lamians #teaser

Some fates are worse than death #slasherbook #AggravatedMomentum

Humorous YA Love Story, Teaser.

Teaser: Prelude to a Phobia

New Age Lamians #teaser

Bringing in the NEW Year with a super short #bookteaser Search For Maylee, coming in the spring of 2017.

Coffee Shop Secrets #mystery

The Maze that is a Writers Mind… How it works. (#shortstory included)

Super Short Story Sunday!!

**Thriller Teaser** Freshly Released in Sept. 2016. All 4 and 5 star ratings. Aggravated Momentum.

Upcoming Mystery (sneak peak) Search For Maylee. Coming in the spring of 2017

Epiphany At First Date

Time Wasters