To Love The Journey #poem

Time ticks on, Constant, it’s steady. As is the journey, It comes as we’re ready. We let ourselves search, Push through fog, and some moss. But by loving the road, We handle this trip like a boss. Advertisements

Casting Shadows #poem

When the morning sun rises, Face the opposite way. Take a look at your shadow, As it charges the day. Its shoulders are squared, Its neck stretches tall. It carries no baggage, No weight… big or small. With feet planted firm, Down to earth, always grounded. A pure reflection of you, There’s no chips, all…

If we were #poem

If emotions were pools – I’d be shallow. If guarded egos were balloons – You’d be a blimp. If hearts were flowers – We’d be wild If bravery were fish – I’d be a shrimp But if your wall had a crack – I would find it And if your heart were a net – I’d swim in Connect…

Be The Tree #poem

Warped are the roots, yet tall’s the old tree, What hides beneath the surface is strength, you see. Stronger with age, finds growth through the muck, The path of each finger searching sustenance, not luck. It either moves or it crushes some rocks in their way, Or it tunnels around, finds other places to stay….

Poem: Intuition

If it feels right, there’s a reason, We are human after all. All energy’s insightful, Even if it seems small. So, listen to that buzz, The tale-tale taps from your soul. It’s a little thing called intuition, And, it makes us humans whole. -Didi CONNECT WITH ME! AMAZON AUTHORS PAGE //  GOODREADS //  TWITTER LIKE AND FOLLOW…

Happy Fathers Day!

May the fish jump to shore without effort, May your beer stay a’ plenty and cold, May the laughter of your kids surround you, And may the love from your family be bold. HAPPY FATHERS DAY, DADS!  

Happy LOVE Day! #poem

I hope Valentines is full of love for everyone.. More so than that, I hope it’s the kind of love that lasts beyond the sun rise and fall of just today!