Weathering Old Souls; Meet the Character — A KILLER @jamescudney4

As October moves along, it dawned on James J. Cudney and I that we had better introduce another character from our co-written novel; Weathering Old Souls!!!  What better way to bring out the spooktacular vibes of the month than to give our readers a little introduction to a nasty serial killer within the pages of this multi-genre book we’ve created! That’s right, I said SERIAL KILLER!! This isn’t just any killer either, he/she has a specific taste for blood and some extremely deep rooted reasons behind the hunger to take lives. In most of our character introduction posts we’ll be giving a name, yet in this case it’s obvious that, well, we clearly can’t do that.


Before I give you a taste, alow me to share a quick update on our progress on the release process of Abigail Perry’s story of unveiling the reality of her past lives. James and I have a complete document that has been revised and polished. It is in the hands of several agents and agencies, and we’re waiting to hear back before weighing our options, and making that final decision of publication. SO, in the meantime, we’ve decided to give you all a little sample/character introduction every month until it’s released. These teasers will be small, as not to give away any key plot points. That said, there are so many characters in this big fat baby of ours, so we have plenty of people to introduce!

For October, enjoy a little insight from ONE OF the most twisted characters inside the pages of Weathering Old Souls.


It’s odd the way blood will splash upward once it’s pulled violently out of the flesh. Over and over, each time a knife is expertly plunged in and out, spraying and sticking to every surface it touches. It reminds him of rain. The thick, slightly painful kind of rain that stings your skin when it pours from the sky and slabbers in puddles, almost like a dance of jumping beans. The biggest difference, he’s decided, is that fresh splattering blood is hot as opposed to rain when even on scorching days it still holds a bit of a chill. Blood is different, especially when it squirts onto the more sensitive parts of his face, like his lips and eyelids.

The victim no longer wiggles in his restraints or tries to cry and scream for help through the muffled coverings on his mouth. All that’s left of him is the mushy, cut-up torso that looks quite a bit like ground beef, along with the twitching of nerves that causes his feet and arms to occasionally jolt. The killer smiles through his blood-soused, terracotta face and stares at his handiwork, enveloping the satisfaction he’d gained from all his previous victims.

“For you,” he sighs, taps his chest, and stares high above. “I got another one for you.”

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  1. Okay, now I’m not going to sleep tonight! 😀 😀

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  2. raistlin0903 says:

    Ooh…intriguing! You already have me convinced that this is going to be good…not that I was even doubting that for a single second😀

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    1. You’re gunna love it!!

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      1. raistlin0903 says:

        Pretty sure I will: looking forward to it! 😀

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  3. jenanita01 says:

    Oh my… that’s just plain nasty! But I want more!

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  4. I am so excited about this book!!!! I can’t wait to share it in 2021. What a fantastic intro here… 🙂

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    1. Me too!!! So excited!!

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  5. Great Review… Everyone would love to buy this Book after reading this review… 😀 ❤

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