Weathering Old Souls, by James J. Cudney and Didi Oviatt … (Coming soon 2021)

Coming Soon!! A co-written Novel in the metaphysical/spiritual and historical fiction genres!!

Weathering Old Souls, by James J Cudney and Didi Oviatt

About the Book

Weathering Old Souls is a co-written novel with James J Cudney. We began working together in the fall of 2019 and have recently signed our contract to publish with Next Chapter pub in the months to come. We’re SO EXCITED!!! Some key info about the upcoming book:

  • Contemporary fiction but it spans through many historical periods
  • Metaphysical, focused on past lives and regression
  • Currently in review with agents and publishers
  • Target Publication: 2021


Abigail has always struggled with strange voices appearing inside her head. From the relentless tyranny a woman faces on an antebellum plantation, to the unknown prison camps in America during World War II, our heroine discovers the past in a way that forever changes her future. There are moments from the past that serve as guiding posts for the country’s growth, but they also mark the transitions for Abigail’s own personal history. Her best friend, Margaret, partners with Abigail to discover the identity of these voices while focusing on her passion and quest to become a United States senator. Through it all, a serial killer torments the country, romance blossoms between some of the people they meet during the journey, and secrets long-thought buried come to light in devastating ways. With the twisting of elements, numerical alignments, and the trauma of spiritual entanglements, no one will be the same… and just a few might not even be around anymore.

Over the next few months, as we finalize our contracts with the publisher and set the promotional, launch, and marketing timelines, we will share monthly updates about some of the important characters you will get to meet.

Four distinct past lives have led Abigail to this day. Now she needs to figure out whether or not a vicious serial killer has gotten too close too her… in this life or another!