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Author of suspense novels Search For Maylee, Aggravated Momentum, The Stix, and New Age Lamians. As well as the short story collection Time Wasters and (co-author of) The Suspenseful Collection. Columnist for The Conscious Talk Magazine.

The Why #amwriting

As creators, we love the challenge of writing. We love the feeling of satisfaction that comes with pushing the boundaries of our own imaginations. There’s something about taking one certain thought or idea and then molding and transforming it into something bigger. Something deeper. Something that’s unique… and beautifully so.

As creative writers we strive to come up with story lines that say,

“Hey pst, come ‘er… I’m gunna’ tell you somethin’ you’ll never forget.”

That’s kind of like our ultimate goal. Aside from becoming NYT Best Selling Authors, that is. We really just want our masterpieces to be powerful enough that our readers have no choice but to soak it all up like a sponge.


It’s like there’s this certain thrill in taking the image of a character/being or what have you, and just pulling it from the depths of our brains kicking and screaming. Then we can slap it on a page, and do with it what we will.

From there, to accept the challenge of transformation and development, makes the process very intricate. This is where individuality, in and of itself, is actually perfection. Writing fiction is limitless. There is no right or wrong. No cookie cutter view of good vs. evil. With a crafty and well-worded approach, anything can be brought to life. Villains can be relatable, and heroines can have dark secrets. Love can be unconditional, and worlds can have layered realms. There is absolutely no roof or cap.

Anything can be swirled around the mind of a reader until it’s every detail is not only believed, but utterly unforgetable.

THAT ^^^^ is the reasoning. The drive behind why we as writers do what we do!


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Fabulous Foodies #CTM

It’s been a while since I shared any of the awesome foodie goodness from CTM. So here you are, my bloggidy-food-mongers! Enjoy!

Indian Special: Gulab Jamun Recipe With Milk Powder


This is a classic Indian sweet that is very famous, it is enjoyed during most festive and celebration meals. Gulab means rose and jamun means berry. Gulab jamun are berry sized balls dunked in rose flavoured sugar syrup. Traditionally these are made using khoya ie, milk solids as the main ingredient, but since khoya is not available in most places, you can use milk powder.


Easy to Make and Low Fat Spinach Snacks


Winter is the time for comfort, for warmth, for staying indoors, in front of the heater, beneath the covers with a book, a hot cup of chocolate and toasted sandwich.

It is also the time people complain about extra weight gained, the lack of will to leave the warmth and just go outside to jog, and a gym or exercise machine holds no appeal.

Watching out for carbs and calories often lose the battle to a delicious snack or hot meal, and people will console themselves that soon the sun will shine again, and outdoors activities will replace that extra comforting snack.

But what if there were snacks that not only are healthy and low in calories, appease the conscience and the stomach, but also occupy some of that extra time indoors? Spinach pastries can do that for you.




Chickpeas are a fountain of health, rich in protein, fibers, complex carbohydrates, calcium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, zinc, folate, iron, manganese, choline, selenium and  vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K and B.

It is a legume mostly grown in the Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa. The dried beans, as well as the canned beans are popular worldwide.

Because it’s a gluten free source with a high level of protein and fibers, chickpeas are essential for a weight loss program that is healthy and satisfying. Chickpeas are also a rich source of nourishment, that is recommended by doctors for dietary treatment.




Some Indian communities do not use onion and garlic in their cooking. Especially during certain religious days and fasts such as Navratri fasting, onion and garlic isn’t added to the food.

In Ayurveda, India’s classic medical science, foods are grouped into three categories; Sattvic (the mode of goodness), Rajasic (the mode of passion) and Tamasic (the mode of ignorance). It is believed that each of these groups of foods affect our consciousness when we consume them.

Onions and garlic are members of the Alliaceous family (Alliums), along with leeks, chives and shallots. This group of plants are classified as Rajasic and Tamasic, which means that they increase passion and ignorance. Dr Robert E. Svoboda, a well-known authority on Ayurveda said ‘Garlic and onions are both Rajasic and Tamasic, and  forbidden because they root the consciousness more firmly in the body.’



Didi Oviatt – Search for Maylee

Thank you so much Jane Stockwell, for this astonishing honest review of my book Search For Maylee! Unigon Plane is a credible new review site for both books and music. I can’t wait to watch the review services here grow and flourish!


Genre: Thriller
Released: October 2017
Reviewed by: Jane Stockwell

SearchForMaylee“Search for Maylee” is a contemporary thriller that centers around the disappearance of a young woman, Maylee, through the eyes of her aunt Autumn.

Set three years after Maylee’s abduction, the story picks up when Autumn has managed to acquire a potential lead after Maylee’s irresponsible, unlikable mother Candace drops a shred of information about the whereabouts of her ex-partner, Craig.  Craig had been strongly indicated in the disappearance of Candace’s daughter under the specter of human trafficking, but never convicted.

The story is compelling and you quickly find yourself identifying with Autumn and her plight to locate her niece.  The police detective who investigated the case, Chance, is an immediately obvious love interest with the character’s physical attractiveness and Autumn’s mixed feelings about him laid out early in the story.

Throughout the book there is an abundance of heavily muscled…

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Weird Weather, Weird Writing

I woke up this morning to my five year old shaking me to liveliness so that he could shout in my ear.

“It’s Christmas mom!”

Sure enough, I get up and look out the window to see a skiff of snow on my lawn. I mumble a few curse words under my breath, rub the sleep from my eyes, and turn on my heals to find my three year old jumping up and down in excitement. She wasn’t antsy to play in the snow by no means… That little devil *I mean angel* wanted presents.

I quickly explain to them *again* that just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean it’s Christmas.


Of course, this caused a complete and utter meltdown involving lots of snot and high pitched squeals.


As I was making my way through the morning, burning breakfast and tripping on toys and what not, I was trying to get my head in the game of my WIP. I’ve struggled to concentrate for the last couple of weeks. It actually kind of sucks, I’ve been scattered. Ultimately, I’ve decided to blame it on the weather! It’s been weird, and not only is it messing with my kids lives, but it’s messing with mine too!


Hopefully spring will actually roll around, as it’s supposed to this week, because if not then we’re all doomed. I love the sun, and I love to write outside in the fresh warm weather! This off and on not so wintery winter has been so full of awkward gloom, that it’s only natural to blame it for my lack of concentration, right?

So, good luck writers!  If your weather is as full of quirks as mine, then you’re going to need it!

“Search for Maylee” by Didi Oviatt

Thank you Felicia for sharing Search For Maylee!! If you havn’t been following Nesie’s place then do it, bloggy-buddies!!

Nesie's Place


Search for Maylee

by Didi Oviatt

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense/Crime/Psychological

Since Maylee was abducted from her high school the very month of graduation, her Aunt Autumn has never lost hope in finding her. It’s been three years. Autumn has finally reached inside herself and found the courage to track down an old lead. She moves across the country to find him. Will Autumn be able to pry Maylee’s case back open? More importantly, what will Autumn uncover in the process of searching for Maylee? It’s a cold dark world we live in, and she is about to find out just how cruel it can be. Strength and determination are on Autumn’s side and she will do what ever it takes.

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How to Make an Old Plot New

I’ve been revisiting my very first book, making fixes and changes for the last couple of weeks. I came across this short simple article today, and it helped me immensely! So, I thought I’d share 🙂

A Writer's Path

by Andrea Lundgren

Plots have been recycled ever since stories have been told, reusing themes like sacrificial death, the poor becoming rich, the ugly becoming beautiful, and other archetypes. Even great works like those of Shakespeare or Jane Austen can be traced to other influences, ideas, and concepts, but how do you make an old plot new? How do you avoid making it seem like fanfiction or a warmed-over version of something that’s already been done?

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Mind Body & Soul Must Reads #CTM


“Within each present moment conflicting parts or voices may want to be heard. Without judgment and without pushing them away, hear them. This act of self-love activates healing and thoughtful decision making. The non-judgmental listening to parts of ourselves creates a platform of equality. All parts, the ones we believe are good, are bad, and are ugly are now equal. This inner equality is self-love……”

A Quickie with Self-loveJulia Flynn


“Although coffee originates to eleventh century Ethiopia, the first people to roast and brew coffee were the Yemenese, back in the fifteenth century.

Since then, coffee has turned from a noble drink to a common beverage, brewed in palace kitchens, cafes, restaurants, homes, small tent-sized kiosks and corner vendors all around the world.

It is the beverage most consumed in the globe, with over 400 billion cups drank yearly. Yet, coffee is as loved as it is hated, believed by some to benefit the health, by others to be harmful.

Most of those who drink coffee are so…..”

Facts and Truths about CoffeeJina S. Bazzar


“The Adoptee’s Untold Story, Part 2

This is the second part of an interview with adoptee Angela Barra,* for National Adoption Month. Part one, found in the November 15 issue, includes some of Angela’s personal history and helpful information for adoptive parents. In this second half, Angela continues to share her adoptee perspective

Why do you use the term natural parent?

History with respect to adoption language is really problematic. I studied Psychology in my undergraduate degree at University and understand how……”

The Adoptees’ Untold Story, Part 2LynnSollitto


“The time has come for another year! Us humans are funny about growth, change, and the passing of time. Every day is a new, and we hold the ability to progress, to define and redefine our happiness in the palm of our hands. 2017 may have been a great year for some, and it was likely devastating for others. The beauty of moving forward in time is that we can move toward peace and happiness, no matter what the past time has dealt us.

We will never be the exact same person as we were yesterday. It’s funny the way our bodies and minds inch their way into the future, picking up everything it can along the way. Studies show that the subconscious grasps onto everything in passing. Every little detail of our daily lives makes an impact on our aging process, even when we don’t realize it, it’s happening.

Each day ahead brings about a fresh clean canvas to paint, and a new page in the book of life to fill. The good news is that we get to….”

Redefine Your Happiness In 2018Didi Oviatt

I’m Totally Freaking Out Here!

For the first time in my life I’m going to give a public speech about my writing! Whew, even just typing that, and/or saying it out loud, gives me a weird mix of excitement AND anxiety! My nerves are eating me from the inside out. The closest I’ve ever come to giving a ‘talk’ is a few times in church as a kid, and a couple of PowerPoint presentations at the day job. On the latter and most recent of the two, there were less than ten people in the room and I honest to God had a stomach ache for a week surrounding the event.

(I can do this. I can do this. I can do this)

That’s me ^^^ convincing myself that I’m not a total and complete wimp!

I don’t do speeches, I’m scared to death of speaking in public! How ironic that I just had a conversation and even wrote a post about artists fears and facing them.  I had had a conversation with a fellow artist about our fears being the biggest career killers. The notion got me to thinking, and I couldn’t agree more. So here I am facing my fears.


It’s kind of funny how these things line up. Oddly enough it was a goal of mine to step out of my comfort zone in 2018, and attend events if and when possible. I even threw in the official written list of accomplishments to come that I wanted to volunteer with kids and young adults.

The things we manifest, right?!

USU (Utah State University) is a college close to my home. A few weeks after I sat down and took the time to line out my goals for 2018, I was actually tagged in a random post on FB. The post was one put in place by a librarian at USU, reaching out to local authors.  After being tagged by a reader of my work, I responded to the post and let her know that I was in fact an established local author and would be very interested in whatever bookish shenanigans they had in mind. All that she said was she’d be in touch.

WELL… over the weekend, she did indeed get back in touch with me. She asked if I’d actually give a twenty minute talk at a student event!!!

Breath Didi, breath!

I suppose it all boils down to one question. And, no that is not a question of ‘whether or not I can do it’. It isn’t ‘whether or not I’ll survive’. It also isn’t ‘how worthy is a girl who never even attended college to be teaching anything at all to college students’ either!  The question is this: HOW BADLY DO I ACTUALLY WANT TO REACH MY ULTIMATE GOAL OF A NYT BEST SELLING AUTHOR?

Things like little 20 minutes talks are minor. They’re stones to jump, small obstacles, little fish. It might feel like a huge life altering thing right now, because I am indeed scared shitless! But, if somehow I can manage to keep the finish line in my sights, then I can totally do this.  The event isn’t until April 10th, so I totally have time to prepare myself. That also gives me plenty of time to stock up on the booze I’ll need to drink myself into a coma afterwards!! lol JK…. kinda 😉

Wish me luck, and I hope this has inspired someone ANYONE to also step up and step out of their comfort zone. If I can do this you can. Together, lets help each other to make our lives better tomorrow than it is today.



#review #booktour #5stars Mask Beneath Her Face, by Rafael Chandler @shanannigans81

Release Date: October 14, 2017mask-beneath-her-face-cover.jpg
Genre: Horror/ Thriller

During the 1980s, slashers terrorized America. With machetes and masks, these unstoppable killers stalked college campuses, quiet suburbs, and lakeside cabins.

Thirty years ago, Bobbi Metzger survived a massacre at her 16th birthday party. She spent decades putting her life back together.

Tonight, Bobbi will face a new killer: a high-tech slasher hell-bent on opening the doorway to an abyss of unimaginable horror.

How long can Bobbi survive this nightmare? What will she do to protect the people she loves? How much blood is she willing to spill?

For fans of 80’s slasher flicks like Friday the 13th and Sleepaway Camp!

Warning: This book contains graphic violence and gore. Not for the faint of heart!

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Bobbi Metzger wrenched the hatchet from her boyfriend’s skull. In a few minutes, Bobbi thought, I will kill her, or she will kill me. Either way, this is going to be over soon.

She lurched across the room. Blood-soaked carpet squished under her feet. Red droplets slid down and dripped from the handmade banner over the doorway: Happy Birthday, Bobbi!

July 1st, 1987, was supposed to be the greatest night of her life. With their parents out of town, Bobbi and her sister had invited everybody to the lake house, and they’d more or less trashed the place.

Bobbi stepped over a dead body: a girl in acid-washed jeans and a Noid t-shirt. Bobbi didn’t recognize her. One of Megan’s friends.

The TV was still on. There was a video on MTV, some new band called Guns N’ Roses. Bobbi’s sister, Megan, had switched loyalty from Def Leppard to these guys, because she thought their singer was hot. “I’d feel his serpentine, anytime.”

“Those guys are all gross,” Bobbi had said. “Rob Lowe’s cute, though.”

Megan had pretended to gag.

Thick drops of blood dotted the red icing on Bobbi’s cake. A birthday card was propped up next to the cake, and the message was scrawled in Megan’s loopy handwriting: POP THAT CHERRY, BOBBI!

If Bobbi turned her head just a little bit, she would see Megan pinned to the wall with a fireplace poker through her mouth, blood dripping from the band of her polka-dotted Swatch. Bobbi didn’t look. She took another tentative step.

You can do it. You have to. If you don’t, you’re dead, like everyone else. No choice.

She stepped around the table in the middle of the room.

Heart pounding, Bobbi peeked into the kitchen. Nothing. She looked behind her.

On the couch, Bobbi’s boyfriend Kevin stared at her blankly, the hatchet wound like a vertical grin in his forehead. He wore a CONTRA t-shirt. Kevin spent most of his money down at Galaxy, the arcade at the mall, plugging quarters into games like Contra and Rastan.

Last night, Kevin had tried to protect Bobbi, throwing himself at the woman in black; but she had plucked the hatchet from his hand and buried it in his skull, so quickly that Bobbi wasn’t sure it had happened at all.

Then the killer had grinned at Bobbi while Kevin slumped backwards onto the couch, the axe handle sticking out of his skull. Bobbi tried to scream, but couldn’t make a sound.

About the Author


Rafael Chandler writes novels (Hexcommunicated, The Astounding Antagonists), video games (SOCOM 4, Rainbow Six: Lockdown, MAG), and tabletop role-playing games (Teratic Tome, Lusus Naturae). He’s a metalhead, a kaijuphile, and a gorehound.

For your chance to win either a print copy or 1 of 5 digital copies of Mask Beneath Her Face, click the link below!
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R&R Book Tours


Oh my hell, this horror book is an IN YOUR FACE THRILL RIDE! Hands down the best slasher book I’ve read. The gore is nasty, the supernatural is terrifying, and the entire premise of the story is like a whirlwind of the worst of the worst killers combine. I usually do my reading at night while trying to either fall asleep or put my kids to sleep. After one night’s attempt at Mask Beneath Her Face, I had to switch up my entire routine.

I didn’t get a wink of sleep, I was scared out of my damn mind. I got up to use the bathroom a dozen times through out the night because I was so antsy all I could do is drink wine in bed and toss around stewing. I even flipped the body mirror in my bedroom around to face the wall so I couldn’t scare myself with an accidental glance at it. And, I closed my eyes when I was washing my hands to avoid looking in the bathroom mirror! A little extreme I know, but I was freaked the f*ck out!

The main characters are perfect, especially Cris, so I’ll get to her last. First lets start with Bobbi, Jesse, and Sam. They are like a misfit little makeshift family, tied together by the similarities of their past. Each one had a run in while they were young with their own unique slasher. The deadly events changed each of their lives and left them cursed. They lost loved ones in the goriest way, and are now forced to live out their lives with nothing but anxiety, paranoia, booze, and the hope that maybe someday they stop their tormentors from coming back for good.

My favorite of these three slashers is Jesse’s mirror terror. As I mentioned above my refusal to look in a mirror. I’ll possibly be haunted by the image Rafael Chandler created forever, I was scared out of my damn mind while reading this particular slasher! The picture painted of this creepy creepy was flawless and disgusting. Not at all for the weak of stomach or the faint of heart. I’m surprised I didn’t pass out from holding my breath for too long.

Now lets get to Cris. I don’t want to tell you too much, because I don’t want to give away any surprises. So I’ll just stick to the basics. Cris has a dicey past of her own, but it’s different from the other three. Abuse, neglect, and abandonment is practically all she’s known, up until the point where she met up with Sam. Despite the run in with his own slasher Sam’s managed to keep his life fairly in order and he’s a councilor at Cris’ school. He set her up with a job working for Jesse, helping him around the house, and typing his manuscripts. In turn, she met Bobbi through the other two.

Cris is like the adopted child the three survivors never had. She’s a teen, just about ready to graduate Highschool and aside from her looks there’s much about her that’s very impressive. She’s athletic, down to earth, and extremely intelligent. BUT, there’s so much more to Cris than what meets the eye. She has a very dark bloody secret of her own, and it’s huge. She’s like the key to the entire story, and what she brings to the table is insane!

I love the pace of this book, it’s very quick and intense. From cover to cover it’s never dull or slow. I’m actually surprised by how sucked in and attached I ultimately got! Based on the cover, a few reviews I’d read, and the description I figured I’d like it. But, I never in a million years would have guess at how blown away I’d actually be. This book is bloody epic. A story I’ll likely never forget!

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