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Author of suspense novels Search For Maylee, Aggravated Momentum, The Stix, and New Age Lamians. As well as the short story collection Time Wasters and (co-author of) The Suspenseful Collection. Columnist for The Conscious Talk Magazine.

Now Available for Pre-Order! Search For Maylee! (My latest and Greatest!)


“Howdy then, ma’am, I’m Jeremy.”

It was a very informal introduction yet he insisted on shaking her hand. His palm was big and his fingers were slightly calloused. A heavy free hand slapped her on the shoulder causing her entire body to jolt. He seemed like a very outgoing young man. A few husky voices rang in from behind him. Autumn could hear a couple of men laughing and joking in the background. It actually sounded like they were having a blast. She couldn’t quite make out their jokes or comments, but it wasn’t from lack of trying. A listening ear strained to make out their words.

Autumn tried, without success, to recall the last time she was able to laugh so freely.  Even with her friends, witty conversation and playful banter had been forced since the loss of Maylee. The lighthearted beam that Autumn used to carry with her everywhere, was now nothing more than a distant flicker.

It existed somewhere, but she was unable to actually grasp it tight enough to hang on for more than a few seconds at a time. Every time that lighthearted twinkle returned to her eyes, or a gleeful fire began to build in her chest, it was quickly distinguished with grief. Washed away before anything more than a spark could ignite. But, at least there was hope. Autumn was here for a reason and maybe someday she could get that light back.

Jeremy must have noticed her distraction by his guests because he tilted his head to the side, leaned into her personal space, and made a fully conscious effort to engage her in eye contact. That attractive crease in his cheek returned with the questioning grin he threw at her. Embarrassed butterflies escaped Autumn’s chest and a lump formed in her throat.

“Care to join?”  He asked, pointing over his tall shoulder with a large outstretched thumb. “I’ve got a few friends over. We just finished up a barbeque. I’m sure there’s a burger left if you’re hungry?”

“Oh no.” was her very quick response.

Autumn couldn’t possibly impose on a party of strangers. The pull of her tired eyelids were nagging at her to get settled for the night, and she couldn’t help but to notice there wasn’t a female voice to be heard. This entire situation had danger written all over it. If there was one quality Autumn truly admired about herself it was a keen sense of reserved caution. After all, you’re nothing if not safe.

After declining the drink to go along with the already turned down burger that her stomach was very loudly cursing her for, Autumn again asked for help. Jeremy shouted over his shoulder toward the kitchen causing her to nearly jump out of her skin.

“Hey guys,” he yelled at his guests without taking his eyes off of her. The smile he had remained intact.  “I’ve got a quick job to do for a tenant, wanna’ help?”

Autumn’s eyes widened in fear, her feet shifted nervously beneath her, and she struggled to find words. “I. Um. I can find someone else, really.” She hesitated.

Jeremy leaned forward and whispered, so that no one else could hear.

“They really only look scary, and they might smell, but they’re harmless, I assure you.” He said with a wink.

The three men that entered the room caused Autumn’s mouth to open, just a crack, and her shoulders to lower with the air that escaped her. An awkward rush of defeat crawled up her legs and stopped in her neck, threatening to drain the very life from her. The first man in sight was clearly older than Jeremy, by at least five years – was her guess.

He appeared to nearly double Jeremy in weight, and not the unhealthy kind either. There wasn’t an ounce of blubber to be found, only the thick hard kind of weight that most men only dream of developing. His hair was light, short, and squared off in a boxy type cut that had a weird way of making the muscles between his neck and shoulders look even bigger. A superman symbol was tattooed on his neck, just above the collarbone. It was the first tattoo Autumn noticed but definitely not the only one in the room.

Two more men emerged from behind the giant. One looked a lot like Jeremy, with the same smile and an identical crease below the cheekbone. It wasn’t really a dimple so much as a handsome dip of the skin, or a glorified wrinkle in the perfect spot.
The third man was much skinnier than the others. He was obviously no slouch in the muscular department, but his build wasn’t nearly as stuffed. A full sleeve of tattoos’ covered one arm and the other held a permanently detailed portrait of a winged angel, with dark hair and a perfect bikini body. Autumn pictured him to be more of a spotter in the gym, only there to elevate his heart rate and assist the others in their workout. She had a brief mental image of his tattooed arms working up a sweat as he tried to lift a dumb-bell that the human machine before him had set aside with ease.

Autumn cautiously inched a step back onto the sidewalk, hopping they wouldn’t notice her movement. She was at least a foot away from the door, just in case she needed to run for dear life. There was plenty of distance between her and them, and she was a fast runner. Very fast. She hadn’t spent the last three years of her life scaling the beach at an abnormal pace to be rendered a slow runner. Prepared to sprint, she waited for Jeremy’s introduction and gawked at the raw manpower that came in the form of his friends, and most likely brother.

“Guys, this is Autumn.”  Jeremy casually tossed his head in her direction, as if he’d known her for years. “She needs help moving her stuff into her new apartment.”

Autumn cleared her throat to speak, but it didn’t help, she was still unable. All that could be forced was a nod, and the sheer will not to pee her pants right there on the spot. A realization that these men were soon to know exactly where she lived, settled deep inside her. They would also be privileged to the in’s and out’s of literally every item she owned. Every. Single. One. The thought of her underwear drawer that just so happened to be sitting to the side of her dismantled dressers forced a blush.

They all stood there and stared at her for a minute. Autumn didn’t really know what to say or do, so she just fiddled with the bottom seam of her shirt and let them take in the sight of her. It was a little embarrassing and uncomfortable. Jeremy looked back and forth between her and his friends. He was bewildered and fully aware of the inappropriate looks they were giving her.

Small nods and playful glances of approval were exchanged between them. The smallest of them turned to the biggest and muttered something under his breath. It was hard for her to tell for sure, but it sounded a lot like he may have said the word “milf.”

This is when Autumn finally let out the breath of initial shock she’d been holding in. She dramatically forced the air out in a long drawn out groan, assisted with a dramatic eye roll. These sketchy looking men weren’t a threat at all. They were nothing more than a few harmless drunken fools acting like horny teenage boys. There wasn’t a hint of unkind intention on any of their faces, nor was there any sign of callous in their growing smiles. Jeremy chuckled a little at her reaction of them.

“What’s wrong guys?  Haven’t you ever seen an attractive older woman with a tan?”
Older, he said older. What the hell did he mean by older? She wondered. Forty one really wasn’t that old, although her constant anxiety made her feel at least sixty.




Since Maylee was abducted from her high school the very month of graduation, her Aunt Autumn has never lost hope in finding her. It’s been three years. Autumn has finally reached inside herself and found the courage to track down an old lead. She moves across the country to find him. Will Autumn be able to pry Maylee’s case back open? More importantly, what will Autumn uncover in the process of searching for Maylee? It’s a cold dark world we live in, and she is about to find out just how cruel it can be. Strength and determination are on Autumn’s side and she will do what ever it takes.


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Author, Kim Knight


So we are now live with issue #2. We have great new articles in Bookish news & Reviews Writer’s LifeSex & RelationshipsFashion & Beauty, Black & Ethnic News, health and wellbeing …. damn, just about EVERY column has some great reading for you!

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Here’s a bit about us:

Details: Conscious Talk Magazine will launch its first online edition in August 2017, (we aim to become a print version magazine also). Conscious Talk Magazine is a proud online multi-cultural and diverse global magazine, covering a range of topics. There is something for everyone. Readers will find interesting thought provoking articles, from health and wellbeing , fashion and beauty, bookish news and reviews, sex and relationships, men’s issues, finance,  travel, international news, music, LGBT, film and entertainment to name  just a few. We have a team of talented and diverse writers…

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Devastation’s Aftermath

Scattered thoughts, they always move

In and out they dance they groove

They come and leave,  so unexpected

Slip through the cracks undetected

Disaster has struck, there’s so much to do

Everything is lost, its gone, askew

Overwhelming moments make time stand still

A life now foreign, can’t cope, can’t deal

All concentration lost to the touch

Floats in a breeze, mind left to mush

The world moves on, while we’re stuck in debris

There’s no where to go, we can’t even flee

Move forward physically, we have no choice

But inside our broken heart, a distant screaming voice

*In reflection of 2017 hurricane season. Please keep the victims of mother nature in your thoughts BEYOND the time its featured in the media. Let our hearts bleed together and heal together as time continues to move.*







Winter Bulb

Please don’t make me go in that cold damp dirt,

I’m small, and I’m fragile, I know it will hurt.

You’re meant to be planted, you’re a winter bulb,

Only when you blossom, will your story be told.

The weight is too heavy, I can’t hardly breath,

It’s squeezing me tight, please help me, help me, I’m only a seed.

Take in a breath, find your roots, reach down deep,

Look around, and find I’ve given you everything you need.

I’m cracking, I can feel it, please don’t let me die,

Why don’t I believe you? Feeling so lost, I give up, I only cry.

Those tears give you water, just open your eyes,

You’ve cracked cause your sprouting, you’ll soon find meaning in life.

My muscles are clenched, the ground is freezing,

I’m grabbing for something, anything to help my body from seizing.

Where did you go? Why won’t you pull me out?

You promised you’d stay, you said you’d help me to sprout.

You lied and abandoned me, I’m alone and starving, I have no sight,

I reach up for nourishment, I pull hard through the tears and fight.

There’s no hope I can feel it, I’m left alone in my sorrow to linger,

My body’s shut down, all but one last up reaching finger.

Wait, what is that? There’s a small warmth above me,

With every ounce I can gather, I pull up, I have to see.

This must be it, I pull again with all my might,

It’s the sun! I let go of my fears, opening myself to the light.

My colors are beautiful, I’ve dug out through despair,

I’ve been stuck for so long, I can finally relax and take in fresh air.

I’m glad to see you, I have been waiting, so patiently from above,

I’ve dreamt of this day with a smile, I just knew those colors I’d love.

Why did you leave me when I needed you the most?

I begged and I pleaded but you were gone, like a ghost.

On the contraire my sweet seed, I have been here all along,

I nourished the soil, tied your roots down, made the bond.

I blessed you with patience and strength, by giving you time and fear,

The cold all around, made you find warmth inside yourself my dear.

Now that you’ve found your own strength to grow,

You can never be broken, even in the next winters blow.

The seasons will come then leave, sometimes even violently,

You have a long life a head, I will stay with you silently.

I will sit back now, let you reflect on the good in your life,

Take one day at a time, trust in healing, and in the power given with great strife.

-Didi Oviatt

*Review: Search for Maylee by Didi Oviatt 5+++++STARS!

I’m overflowing with excitement over this review! The first two readers of this book EVER, have officially deemed it a favorite!! EEK, I could die a happy writer 😍😍

Touch My Spine Book Reviews

First off I want to thank Didi Oviatt for gifting me an eARC of Search for Maylee. Didi did not ask me for a review. I am reviewing this simply because I want to spread the word on how amazing this book was! I was first intrigued by Didi’s work by reading her blog and reading her book The Suspenseful Collection Volume 1 that she collaborated with Kim Knight. I was shocked by Didi’s work especially that she is relatively new to the literary world. Thank you so much for gifting me the Search for Maylee eARC Didi!!! Search for Maylee is available for pre-order on Amazon, Smashwords, IBOOKS, & Barnes & Noble!📚😍📱💖🖎📖Summary:Autumn is still traumatized by the sudden disappearance of her niece Maylee. After 3 years Autumn has never lost hope that Maylee could still be alive even with the lead detective Chance says there is no…

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Spiritual Journaling… The beginning of my journey.

I haven’t kept a journal since I was about fourteen… Until now. And, I’ve got to say I’m so much more excited about the whole thing than I ever dreamed I would be about writing a journal!!   I recently read a book, that was extremely inspiring. It was a how-to/memoir about Spiritual Journaling called Sprouting Spiritual Growth. I loved it!

I actually liked it so much I even asked the author, Marie Higgins, a few questions about her journey and wrote an article about it in The Conscious Talk Magazine! She was so sweet, and so friendly. The whole experience of our email contact has been an absolute pleasure!


Anyhow… The whole concept of tracking your growth as a person, and using a journal as a stepping stone to continuous improvement, has really been dominating my brain as of late. So a few days ago I started my journal!  I went and picked myself out a beautiful leather-bound blank notebook that I love!  Then that night before I allowed my head to sink into it’s pillow I wrote down some thoughts.

At first I intended on jotting down a few goals and aspirations along with the accomplishments I’m most proud of over the last year’s time…. Yeah, that really just opened up a whole other can of worms! I ended up sitting there with a pen and paper for like two hours and by the time I was finished I had used up far more than a page or two, along with a healthy portion of a box of tissues.

Tonight, I’ll write down my second entry and I honestly can’t wait!  I’ve been thinking about it all day lol. I feel like its the ultimate time capsule, and I just wish I could teleport myself five years into the future so that I can reflect on this day already!

If you’re not already a spiritual Journaler, then I highly recommend giving it a try! If you need help at getting started then I’d suggest starting with Marie’s book here:


In 2009 Marie left corporate America after more than 15 years in Human Resources Management to pursue life. Before long she found massage therapy and became a nationally certified, state-licensed massage therapist.
Having only one previous experience with receiving massage before choosing her new career, she began school with no real understanding of the body, mind and spirit connection. With massage, she came to quickly believe in the healing power of touch. At the same time, she felt a partial hardening of the heart (figuratively and spiritually). She found a coach to give her spiritual direction.
During this time, she learned different spiritual disciplines (ways to pray) which helped her to develop a more personal relationship with God*. It was during 2009 when she became an active journaling person. This activity has grown and changed over the years, but the most constant thing she has put into practice is that, after writing what’s on her heart, she writes both this question: “God*, what else should I know?” and the answers that result.
In 2015, she “broke ground” by setting up a blog site and then, beginning in 2016 and continuing, regularly shares some of the insights that come from a journaling practice. With these posts, she also poses questions that offer others some journaling prompts. More information can be found at
Marie is also a speaker. She presents on a variety of topics concerning the body, mind and spirit connection. For example, as a small business owner and provider of healing touch, she speaks about smart practices for leading a balanced life. Most recently she has been teaching spiritual journaling and other ways to pray and develop our inner spirit wisdom. Venues include schools, especially colleges and universities, women’s groups (large and small), and holistic centers.

* NOTE: Marie uses the term God as a universal term. You may decide that Great Spirit, Allah, Higher Power, Sensibility, etc. better suits you today. It is not for anyone else to decide.

Playing the Game – Guest Post by, Tallis Steelyard…

Fantastic guest post on Chris’ blog! Don’t miss out 😎

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

I am constantly amazed at the pettiness of some people. What sort of Chef de Cuisine gets upset when he discovers he has an extra kitchen porter? I have worked with Chefs so grand that they would never even condescended to notice the existence of a kitchen porter, even after they’d just tripped over one!

Let us be fair, most kitchens have too few porters. Rather than have the job done briskly and efficiently, those in authority would rather employ too few unfortunates and work them to death for a pittance, all the while moaning about the poor quality of their work. In my case isn’t even as if I complained about my accommodation; like my fellows I just found a quiet corner in a storeroom to curl up in.

I readily admit I had joined the crew of the great paddle-wheeler at short notice. Such short notice that I…

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Humorous Short Story Series. #TimeWasters

The Time Wasters Series is compiled of short stories that are perfect for wasting time. They’re all titled Super Short prelude  because they ARE just that – stories that lead up a big life concepts or events. Designed to help pass short spouts of time, most of the Time Wasters stories range from 8 to 15 pages. They do each actually contain an entire story that will draw you in, make you laugh, and then allow you to move on with your life. If you want to read, but don’t have the time or are in no mood for a Novel Commitment, then a Time Waster is just what you need.

Love Or Love Places, Super Short Prelude To Love


Based on a true story, this super short tale of love offers a harsh, humorous, and yet somehow touching glimpse into what could possibly be the norm for young couples today.  Dana is young wild careless and free, that is until her entire world is turned upside down by a man she meets at karaoke night. Is there really such thing as love at first sight? You be the judge.

Sabotage By Hook And Dog, Super Short Prelude To Adventure


Based on a true story, this super short tale of adventure offers the humorous insight of a couple’s competitive banter, along with the shocking details of a fish hook disaster. Dani convinces her husband, brother-in-law and friend to go on a fishing adventure, only to have a disastrous turn of events completely take over.


Trampling Beast, Super Short Prelude To A Phobia


Based on a true story, this super short tale of a phobia offers the humorous insight of a young girl encountering a disastrous event while trying her hand at farm life. While spending time on her cousin’s farm, Diedra finds herself making an effort to help guide an escaping animal back to its rightful place. What started out as a slight fear quickly forms into a lifelong phobia of this particular farm animal.



Kids Are Gross, Super Short Prelude To Childcare


Daphne has just started a new job in daycare. It’s her fifth day on the job and what she encounters is equally as disgusting as it is traumatizing. Talk about a crappy day.

Is That An Eyeball? Super Short Prelude To Redneckism


Daniella is confronted with a series of funny situations involving near crashes, friends full of banter, and a brother with an extremely disturbing appetite.

I Peed On My Tail, Super Short Prelude To Embarrassment


Dharma and her best friend Kelsie sneak alcohol from Kelsie’s parents and indulge in an evening of adventure. It’s Halloween night, there are outfits to be worn and parties to attend.

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Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Volume 10

When Women Inspire

We’re now into the double digits for this series, woohoo! It’s been coming along nicely and thank you to all who are saying they enjoy the Friday installments. Here are seven

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