A Few Super Mini #BookReviews

I’ve turned into the worst blogger ever, don’t ask me how this has happened. I mean, seriously, how does one go from writing fresh content and a few lengthy, and quite bangin’ book reviews a week to this. I’m lucky to even jump onto the blog once every month or two…. and then when I do – I slap what I can together.

More importantly, I MISS THE PEEPS!!!! I’ve met and gotten to know so many amazing bookish people with such beautiful like minds. Sorry you guys that I’ve been such a shitty bookish bloggish friend as of late. I’ll try my best to get back in the swing of things!!!

Before I make too many promises, let me just say that I have actually been reading still. I am an addict after all. That said, I’ve totally slacked of on writing reviews just as much as I’ve slacked off on blogging. In an attempt to catch up on my love of all things bookish, I’ve put together some mini reviews. They’re more like one paragraph glorified ratings.

It is what it is, though, so take it or leave it 😉 I’ll post a few of them today, and then a few more in a couple days. Watch me slowly ease back into the life a literary nerd as we know it!!

So, without any further adooo…….. drumroll…..


MY SUPER EXTRA MINI REVIEW: This story blew me away from cover to cover. I ugly cried. I one tear cried. I held back cries. I basically just consistently cried through the entire book. The characters are endearing with solid, loveable personalities. The setting is perfect.
Its the first book I’ve read by this author and I’m absolutely hooked. I’ll be reading them all, of that I’m certain.


MY HALF ASSED, ONE PARAGRAPH REVIEW: There are certainly some stories that are far better than others. From one extreme to the next, King delivers gore, shock, heart wrenching moments and cringe worthy scenes. I’m not a big fan of the killer machine stuff or the disgusting rodent tales, however I do feel like a choice few stories like Jerusalem’s lot somewhat made up for that. I’m sticking with a 3 as it’s right smack in the middle of great and not so good.


MY FAIRLY ADORABLE SIZED REVIEW: Quite a lovely book of poetry, although most of it reads more like thought quips and emotional reasonings. I’m like a weird, old fashioned child as in I like my poetry to rhyme and tell cute little stories. This book of poetry isn’t really like that, however I really enjoyed the rawness and emotion put in just the same. The musings within the pages of this book are extremely thought provoking. I feel that there is certainly something for everyone. If you enjoy poetry or easy reading stuff that you can pick up in bite sized moments then don’t pass this one up.


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  1. Martie says:

    I do enjoy mini-reviews. I’ve posted a few myself.

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