#review The Indie Musician’s Guidebook, by Benedict Roff-Marsh


My Review:

I’m not a musician, but I have a great deal of respect for the author of this book and have been very curious to pick apart his brain in terms of a written work of uplifting no-nonsense approach. I’m impressed. I wish I could relate a bit more to the musical side of this book, as the points put across and the tips laid in place are very well thought out and extremely well writen. Much of the content has band/artists references and comparisons, as well as musical success and failure stories. Much can be learned here for a musician… so if you are one, then READ THIS BOOK!

Now as for myself, and the areas of this book that were personally applicable for me, as an artist of a different sort… There are some concepts that Benedict covers such as, ‘Who are you and what is your message?’ as well as, ‘work out who you are and what you have to say to the world.’ and my personal favorite, ‘Bold and unafraid of your uniqueness, your flaws, your YOU’

A wide range of this book talks about overcoming ones doubt about oneself. It encourages readers to accept their individuality and the embrace their own personal mission as everyone has their one unique experience in life. There is much to be taken away in terms of positivity, acceptance and understanding of our own paths, pushing us to consistently move forward.

One of my favorite parts of Benedict’s Indie Musician’s Guidebook is a quoted interview with the band IRON WILL. I was very interested and impressed with the entire interview quoted. They talk about the importance of passion, and it’s excellent.

I’m rating this book 4 stars, and would like the thank the author for a free copy in exchange of an honest review.


Having success in music is challenging & elusive. There are no quick solutions but with the right groundwork, it is far easier to live up to your potential as a totally Independent Musician and be proud of what you have achieved.

The Indie Musician’s Guidebook looks straight in the eye of the realities of life for the modern Indie musician and calls it as it is. You don’t have your time wasted with out of date gear advice or tips that don’t work anyway. The book focuses primarily on the reasons why some people get fans whilst talking you down from many of the strategies that absolutely don’t work out.

While at times the material may be challenging, none of it is actually hard to put into practice. The book lays the main activity arcs out for you with actions to take that will help you to grow. There are several courses you can work through to help prepare you to be in the spotlight: Artist Development, Studio Gear, Mixing & Mastering, Releasing & Marketing an Album are looked at thoroughly. There are also chapters on Managing Money, Income from complementary sources, and How to Negotiate.

There are no snake-oil schemes here. All the material is based on proven Sales processes; which in turn is based on Psychology. The aim is always to work from what you have instead of believing you need something else.

I, Benedict, am a Composer & Record Producer of 30+ years who didn’t make it big. Despite several times talking to record labels who wanted to sign me, it never panned out. I kept going and kept learning. Not only for myself but for others.

Constantly observing and asking “why?” lead me to recognize the pattern common in musicians who struggled more than they needed to. It doesn’t have to be this way as there are some simple mistakes to avoid. I can’t promise success, no one can. What I can promise is greater satisfaction in your music. That alone may translate into better outward success.

My former careers have included Banking, Car Sales & Web. From these, I learned how Sales really works. Interestingly it is not a technical skill anywhere near as much as people think. Selling is pure psychology. If you can fill the customer’s need you stand a good chance.

Combining disciplines gives me a different approach from those offered by so many that result in little past disappointment & disappearing dollars. There are no short-cuts.

The book is not Genre-specific. Genre is actually uncovered for the marketing illusion that it is which leaves you far freer to present your unique style and find the right fans for you.

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    1. The pleasures all mine, Benedict! Great book 😃


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