#5star #review Music and Mirrors (Cursed Hearts book 2), by Candace Robinson #preorder @literarydust


Talk about an amazing follow up to the fantastic Lyrics and Curses! In book 1 of the Cursed Hearts series Lark and Auden find themselves stuck in an alternate existence, a place between dimensions where mirrors are a key link between them. But, what about the other side? What about Mira, the dimension of their curse’s origins and of the people who seem to have taken their place on the earth plane??? Well, in Music and Mirrors you get to see what is going on behind the scenes, as well as being thrown into a whole new adventure – from a whole different angle and it’s phenomenal!

Leni is a Piper, and she’s forever followed and haunted by the shadows. The very shadows that landed her in the position she’s in, yet she’s kept their existence a secret up until now. I love Leni, her story is one of a kind and her heart is as pure as gold despite the dish she’s been served in her existence in the dimension of Mira.

Then there is Ridley, the one who’s destined to become the Mirror Keeper, and the one who holds Leni’s heart. Ridley has been dealt one hell of a lifetime, that is until he and Leni’s fates are intertwined. Their love for one another brings them to making choices that are less than ideal. They wind up back on the earth plane to seek the help of Lark and Auden. This allows the reader back into their lives for a bit which is awesome. I just love Lark!

A big fat thanks to the author for providing me a copy in exchange for my honest review, I love love love this story line! The world building of Mira is so cool. If you’ve ever looked into a mirror and wondered what it would be like to have someone peering out at you from the other side from a whole other dimension (don’t lie either, we all have) then you’ll really enjoy the setting of this place. There are twists and tragedies throughout that bring you to the edge of your seat. There’s phenomenal music referencing. They actually USE music throughout in many ways, it’s a pretty cool aspect and adds a lot of life to the book! If you’re yet to dive into book one then do it, you have plenty of time to read it before this one comes out!

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Before Ridley became the Mirror Keeper, he was just a guy in love who’d had a tough life before meeting Leni. Through Leni, he thought he’d found a way to truly live in the music they loved. But in the Mirror Dimension, everything can easily be broken—even their bond.

Leni has been haunted by shadows her whole life. She had kept the burden a secret from everyone—except for Ridley and her brother—and turned to music as a distraction. But those shadows are what led her to become the Piper, whether she wanted it or not. The only reason she continued on her destructive path is the secret she must protect at all costs.

Now back in the Mirror Dimension, Ridley and Leni must face punishment by the royals in charge of the curse. Music alone won’t be enough to help them this time. In order for Ridley and Leni to save themselves, they must seek help from the two people they almost killed. If they can’t band together to defeat the royals, Leni will end up dead and Ridley will become something he truly hates.

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    1. Thanks! Its a really great read 🤩

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        i’ll look forward to your future read 🥰


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