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Cover of the Month

Weathering Old Souls

Hey Everyone,
We’re so excited to announce that our book has been voted into the 3rd round of the  “Cover of the Month” contest on We’re currently ranked number 9, with the polls climbing!! It will help us immensely if we could see a slew of votes coming in the next and final rounds!! Even if you’ve voted already, it’s open for a fresh round of votes!  ONE CLICK, and you’ll help us push through!!
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Didi Oviatt and James J. Cudney

This cover is absolutely gorgeous, so to have it climb the cover contest charts is such an exciting event!! Please help us get to the top and VOTE VOTE VOTE!! Each round is open to new votes, so it doesn’t mater if you already have in previous rounds. The polls are once again open and we’re so close to the top. I’ll be biting my nails and stalking the website/contest all week!

Jay and I appreciate your support more than we could ever express. THANK YOU a million times over for the support! We’re so close to the top covers, I can practically taste it and with your help a win is totally possible!

12 Comments Add yours

    1. Thank you Liz!! ❤🤩❤

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      1. You’re welcome, Didi!

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  1. I couldn’t vote because I’m not on Facebook bur Good Luck Didi. It really is a gorgeous cover!🥰

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    1. Isn’t it beautiful?! ❤ I love it so much! Thank you for trying Kim, I hope you’re doing well!

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  2. Pink Roses says:

    I couldn’t vote either but the cover is great.

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    1. Oh crap! Well thank you for trying! 🤩🤩

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  3. Thank you for doing this!!! I’m borrowing and sharing it now! 🙂

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