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“I met Lorraine a few years after that writing conference I told you about. I decided to date her because she looked just like you and I was fascinated by that. I fell in love with her unexpectedly, and now here we are.” He pauses, “Any other questions?”

“Wow,” I’m stunned to near speechlessness. “You’re not one for small talk are you?”


“Honestly, I don’t know whether to be flattered or creeped out. And yes, there are more questions, but now I’m kind of afraid to ask.”

“Are you ready for my proposition, then?” he asks.

“Probably not.” I answer.

“Good, because I don’t think I’m ready to give it to you, in full, just yet anyway.”

“What do you mean?”

Mac picks up his phone from the table to check the time, before rubbing at his wrist like he’s used to having a watch instead. Then, he pulls a pen from the inside pocket of his jacket and begins jotting an address down onto a napkin as he talks. I watch his hands closely, recalling my image of them squeezing the life from another human. His confidence is unsettling, and the brutally honest confession about his fiancé has left the weight of a rock in my belly.

“I was a failure as a writer, just like you’ve been a failure at a second attempt in writing. I want to give it another go, but I lack the proper inspiration, just like you. I think we need to take physical action and then write about it, as a team. You and I together. My proposition is more like a plan, and I’d love to talk more about it, if you’re willing. Meet me at this address. No phone calls, no more meet ups. I’m not going to eat here anymore, now that we’ve spoken. Don’t call me, don’t seek out my business. We can’t have any ties to one another. No links. No evidence. If you want to talk, just meet me at this address Saturday morning, same time as today.”

He hands over the napkin, but not before looking over each shoulder and out the window to make sure no one is watching. I slip it quickly into my pocket. I feel sneaky, filthy even, yet in a weird way it’s thrilling and sexy. A foreign heat pools in my lower belly. Every inch of my body feels the warmth from his fingers as they brush against mine.

“No evidence? What exactly are you talking about?” I whisper.

Mac only flashes me his confident smile, before he rises and casually saunters off. He leaves me behind, as if our entire conversation never happened. I’m now sitting on display alone, feeling naked and vulnerable for the whole world to see. I grab up my dirtied plate and take it to the back. My mind is running in circles trying to come up with whatever lie I’m going to feed Lucy. Hopefully I can pull it off, and fast, Douglas will be here any minute.



Ahnia has a dicey past. It’s scratching under the surface; dying to get out.

She’s hit rock bottom. Broke and desperate to be on top again, she partners up with Mac: a man she hardly knows. He’s utterly untouchable, and soon they are both in peril.

Will their dangerous decision be a success, or will she find herself in the clutches of an unforgiving force, brought about by her childhood sin? In this nail biting thrill ride, no one is as they seem, and no one is truly safe with those they trust.


★★★★★ – “If you love psychological thrillers that keep you guessing, you’ll love Justice For Belle.”

★★★★★ – “A wild ride.”

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