Your Mind Holds The Fate Of My Character. (FREE YA Dystopian Novella Nov. 30 – Dec. 4)

The time has come to finish this twisty dystopian/mythological hybrid trilogy, New Age Lamians.  I have a couple of different outlines for books two and three, but I’m struggling to decide on which plot points to run with. SOOOO, I’ve decided to approach my starting creative angle a little differently than usual, and let the readers tell me what they’d like to see happen!

Here’s my plan: I’ll take all of the comments and reader’s wants, and put them all in a giant pool. Then I’ll cross reference my favorites with the outlines I already have in place. I want to get started by the end of the month, so what I’ve done is marked the first book in the trilogy as FREE for the next five days, and then will keep it at $.99 afterwards for a couple more weeks. (Remember sharing is caring. I’ll take all the feedback I can get!)

It’s a short easy one sitting read, only 152 pages to be exact! Once you’ve finished it, then feel free to reach out to me on my CONTACT PAGE and tell me as much or as little as you want on what you’d like to see happen with the next two books! It’s that simple!


What is this book about, you might ask?

New Age Lamians is a cross breed dystopian story. The hero is an unexpected youngster that is stolen away and injected with a serum that’s transformed him into a super-hero. The villain is an ancestor of the Mythological creature Lamia, who has been awakened by the very lightning that’s brought this world to it’s knees.  It’s different. It’s twisty. And, rather than going into more detail I’ll just drop a couple of super short samples. One for the hero and one for the Lamian, and you can decide whether or not you’d like to join in the feedback that could possibly shape this triple novella set.


I was lowered into the tank feet first. The liquid was a thick, warm gel. I wiggled my toes feeling the slime slip and then mold into place between them. By the time I was waist deep I could no longer move my feet. I became motionless and without feeling as I descended to my fate. Further and further down I was engulfed in the shocking warm fluid. Past my stomach and to my neck. I took in short shallow panicked breathes as the gel touched my chin. Leaning my head back I tried to keep my mouth out for as long as I could. As the wet warmth engulfed the remainder of my flesh. I held my breath and opened my eyes. Everything was a blur, I could see the silhouette of each body in the room yet I could not tell apart who was man and who was woman.

I peered out of the tank in fear searching for Dr. Brooklyn, but with no success. I remembered her words to breath the liquid as if I was breathing regular air. I was now completely motionless from head to toe. I could not feel a thing aside from the weakening pound of my heart. The lack of oxygen was dulling my mind as I continued to hold my breath. After a few more seconds I could no longer take it. I felt as if my chest was going to explode leaving my body dead in this disgusting paralyzing gel. I couldn’t take it any longer. Unable to part my lips I let the air out through my nostrils and took in a giant breath. Rather than air filling my lungs I felt the slime slowly making its way down my nasal cavity and into my chest. Strangely I felt as if I had been breathing it all my life. Oxygen was flowing through my body and into my brain as if I was breathing the natural fresh air I had taken for granted on an otherwise normal day.

No sooner than my body began to relax the pain struck. The first needles were injected into the backs of my knees. I could feel each one, long and sharp as they pushed through my skin and into the joints of my legs. I tried with all my strength to move away from the pain but I was rendered motionless. The molded gel held me in place as the same pain was now being shoved into the insides of my elbows. Followed by my neck and lower back. I tried to move away and escape the torture, but I could not. The mold held me in place as all six needles made their way further and further painfully into my flesh.

The sharp excruciating pain of the serum was then pushed into my body though these multiple burning needle tips. Thick like hardening sap on a pine tree. I felt it burn its way into my veins. Engulfing my body in shock and fire. Every molecule hurt as the fibers attached themselves throughout me. It spread like a slow forced plague infecting my body with smoldering lava. Though motionless on the outside I was screaming and thrashing on the inside. With every beat of my heart the burning pressure was pushed from one end of my body to the other. Reaching my brain last. I felt as if my head was exploding into a thousand pieces. Like it was being ripped apart by rabid wolves. I screamed at the top of my lungs yet was heard by no one, as the sound was masked by the disgustingly thick gel I was being held in. My mind darkened as it clouded over by a deep gray followed by an ultimate darkness. Welcoming the illumination, my mind slipped into a much needed unconscious state.


Mesmerized by the recording on the television, and mentally distracted by Amber in the apartment next door, I could now care less about my doctor. She was merely a pretty face and nothing more.

Upon instruction Judy continued to play the recording. Darkness consumed the screen, lit up only by periodic flashes of light from the sky. One flash after another the village huts would appear out of the darkness only to be re-consumed within seconds.

“This took place last night, just after sundown. The lightning had only just began.” As the next flash of light lit up the screen, a figure appeared. “Pause it!” he all but shouted.

The screen froze and in front of me was a gruesome heart wrenching scene. The women in the room gasped. I held my breath and swallowed the lump in my throat. The Major remained emotionless.

The creatures eyes glowed in the reflection of the light. Long black hair hung down her nude body, covering her breasts, reaching down past her stomach, and ending at a line of black and silver shimmering scales. In the clutches of her deadly grasp was the body of a limp man.

“This Jackson, is the largest Lamian we have caught on video yet… and she is headed straight in our direction.”

Eyre and lingering, the word Lamian echoed in my head. She was not at all what I had pictured from Johnson’s tale. This was much worse. The human portion of her body was nearly three times the size of the dead man’s she held in her arms. The snake portion wrapped around itself and intertwined between the homes of the innocent families being slaughtered right before my eyes. There was no way to tell just how far her length could reach. Standing out, more so than anything else, were her blood stained fangs. The long, sharp, venomous fangs were bearing. With a mouth stretched open at an impossible width, and evil in her gaze, her extended dripping fangs were hanging down just above the stomach of the dead man.

“Now Judy, after you press play I want you to re-pause the recording with each lightning flash. This will allow us to see how fast she moves and the destruction she is capable of.”

I masked my fear with an unreadable face and motionless body. Each time the video paused, the creature had another person, or sometimes even two at a time within her grasp. She moved from one side of the television screen to the other at an alarming speed, leaving the bodies of the dead piled up on the ground beneath her. In no time at all the screaming stopped and the scramble of rapid mass murder slowed.

“This is the part that is most shocking Jack. Watch carefully.” Major Kay stated….

So there you have it!  Thanks for joining in, I appreciate it more than you know!  I’m in a bit of pickle trying to decide on which outline to choose. So, in a way… you readers hold the fate of Jackson, The Company, AND the Lamians in your nerdy fingers… ENJOY THE FREE READ!!  Download it now, and I’ll hold off on diving into writing until I’ve gotten as much feedback as possible at the end of the month.


Young Jackson Bellony is scarcely a man when a rain of lightning heralds the end of the world. The Company is just a mysterious group that drops care packages into his village and harnesses the technology that others lack.

Soon an enigmatic drifter wanders into Jackson’s village and warns that The Company isn’t to be trusted. But before any decisions can be made, Jackson is taken away by The Company, after being told he has what it takes to be a super-warrior.

The enemy, they say, is the Lamia: a creature that’s half woman, half snake. The apocalyptic storm killed much of mankind but awoke the Lamia, which now endangers those who weren’t killed by the century of destruction. It’s a monster, and The Company needs Jackson and his superior comrades to defeat it.

But, is Jackson really the one who can save the world?


Thanks again for taking a dip in the Character Shaping Feedback Pool!!


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  1. This is awesome! When do you need the feedback by?

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  2. I should have reblogged this before! Drats! But luckily I already bought a copy! Yay!

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    1. oh no worries! I ended up with over 30 free downloads so hopefully I’ll get some good feedback 🙂 I’m really excited! I’ll keep it at 99 cents and accept feedback through Christmas! 🙂

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      1. Awesome! I will try to squeeze it in! I just love your writing of course but am a bit overbooked!😭

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      2. Sounds great! I hope you do, I’d love your opinion. I just started accepting guest posts too, if your ever interested let me know 🙂


      3. That would be awesome Didi! I would love to be featured on your lovely blog!😊💖📚

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing! 🤗😊


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