The amazingly talented writer Charles French (Author of Maledicus) nominated me for the Blogger Appreciation Award, and I couldn’t be any more thrilled! Charles’ book was one of my favorite scary reads last year, I even featured it in my News Letter, so you can imagine how excited I was that he was kind enough to include me in this beautiful award! Thank you so much Charles, you’re such an inspiration to readers and writers alike!

The Rules of the Award:

The rules are simple.

(1) Thank the blogger who nominated you, link back to their site.

(2) Write a paragraph of something positive about yourself.

(3) Nominate and notify as many bloggers as you wish.

(4) Use the award image.

Something Positive About Myself:

Wow, this is a much harder question than you’d think. I like to consider myself a positive and giving person in general, but when asked I really struggle to pin something down and brag about it. Some days I even have a hard time accepting compliments, I feel a little awkward about it every time.  So, in a way this award is good for me, because afterall self-love and self-awareness is key to success as an artist!!!  So, I’ll actually run with this aspect in particular… I strive to motivate and inspire without the burden of an overbearing Ego. I do everything in my power to portray confidence in a humble way, and encourage others to do the same! 🙂

My nominees: (If you have not visited these blogs, please make a trip to them.)

  1. Darque Dreamer 
  2. Touch My Spine Book Reviews
  3. When Women Inspire
  4. The Writer In Me
  5. Raistlin0903
  6. Where Dragons Reside

Check out these awesome blogs!!!  Each and every one of them are wonderful!