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I read this whole book yesterday from cover to cover in one day – two sittings! Chances, a Puerto Rican Love Affair is book three in Kim Knight’s romance set in paradise series, but each book can be read as a stand alone. It’s smooth pace, paired with a few insanely suspenseful scenes makes it a very easily devoured book! The characters are realistic, memorable, and relatable, especially Gabby the main character. Along with her bestie in Spain Valentino, and her new found girlfriends in Puerto Rico Pricilla and Sonia. Then there’s Chris, the questionable long distance cheater, and Mateo the family man with great business potential that meets Gabby’s eye while traveling for work. Each character is drawn up well, and quickly wiggles their way into your heart.

Gabby is a real estate agent, and after having a rough patch and breaking off her long distance relationship with Chris, she decides to take a leap and apply for a short term job in Puerto Rico. It’s just the opportunity for her to throw herself into work in a different setting, and to have a change of pace to clear her head. Her boss supports her decision to apply, as she’s perfect for the job. She’s nervous, but nails her interview and is soon packing her bags.

She settles in quickly, loves the place that they have set up for her in Puerto Rico, and she even completes a huge property sale right off the bat. Meeting a new client at a classy diner close to the office every day for the first few days on the Island is how she meets Mateo. At first, she assumes he’s merely a waiter, and he assumes she’s dating her client. They’re both very mistaken. Mateo actually owns the place!! He’s SO hot! I really like Metao. Their attraction is instant, but, aside from one dance and an unexpected kiss at a club, they don’t really get to know each other until Mateo has been blessed with a business opportunity in catering a masquerade ball for her real estate company. Once they’re able to really talk and spend a little time together, they’re unable to do or think of anything aside from each other and work. They’re pull to one another is passionate, it’s the start to beautifully chance at a real soul connecting relationship with so much potential.

However, not everything is peaches and cream in Mateo’s life… which very quickly escalates into deadly trouble ahead. His ex-girlfriend and the mother of a child he always believed to be his – but isn’t – is a crazy bitch. You see, a few months before Gabby came along and he found out that the baby hasn’t been his all along, so he broke it off with Juana. She’s jealous and absolutely nuts. She follows them and threatens Gabby, and oh so much more!  I won’t give away any more details, because anything else would be serious spoilers!!! SO, if you want to know more about what happens in this twisty love affair then GO READ THIS BOOK!!


Would you risk a second chance, 4,000 miles away in paradise?

Chances, A Puerto Rican Love Affair is book three of the Romance Set In Paradise Series. Of romantic, steamy and suspenseful stand-alone novella length stories, all set in exotic locations around the world. Each one can be read as a stand-alone book.

Thirty-one year old Gabby from Barcelona, Spain has a love for the finer things in life including successful men. She finds herself in need of a change of scene. Opportunity knocks when the European company she works for as a successful estate agent, selling properties to elite clientele expand. Giving her the chance to take a one month work sabbatical, in the beautiful vibrant Caribbean island Puerto Rico. She snaps up the chance to leave Europe behind. Here her path crosses with thirty-five year old Puerto Rican born Mateo Sanchez. A former ‘bad boy’ turned entrepreneur. They touch each other on a physical and soul level, the two become connected. Thing is, while the passion, heat and romance builds between the two, the pair’s love affair becomes caught up in a web of lies, deceit, and betrayal from the past.

Mateo and Gabby fight hard for their blossoming relationship, and against the drama that keeps following them. But there are decisions and sacrifices to make if they are really going to make it work. There’s nothing that Mateo won’t do to show his growing admiration for Gabby, even when the police get involved and he’s in the hot seat. His hand is forced he’s pushed to make moves he promised he would never do again, due to past events and to move forward with Gabby. Gabby is faced with the decision over what sacrifices she’ll make, and where she really sees her future. Back in Spain, London or 4,000 miles away in Puerto Rico. Romance, soul mate connection, heat, lies, betrayal and brushes with the law await readers in this exciting multicultural ‘second chance’ romance.

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