Of #writing #Autism and #Isolation Sending Love and Prayers!

I suppose today is day one of a two week school shut down here in central Utah. As a writer, I’m going to take it as a taste of what writing will be like in the summer, with my kids running around clawing at each other… and me… and our dog… and likely breaking shit.


It’s funny how much different our kids are every single year. They grow, they change, their attention span alters in moods, and the level of their demand can both flatline and skyrocket at the drop of a dime. You think you know what it’ll be like to stay home, on lock-down with them for weeks on end, based on the last time you spent so much one on one time with your own flesh and blood. But, in reality, you have no clue because they’re so much different today than they were yesterday.

I personally have a seven year old high functioning autistic son, who always has and likely always will refuse to let me teach him anything. It’s a bit of a comfort thing, so I understand. Kids like my boy are the hardest with those they’re most comfortable with, as they feel safe and express themselves differently. School is rough, but he listens a little bit better and makes a solid effort to get past his sensory issues on the daily to stay (nearly) caught up to his peers. Homeschooling for this short time will be a bit of a double edged sword for him and I. He’ll get a break from crying about not wanting to go to school everyday, yet our patience with one another will most certainly be tested. Although making him go to school everyday can be hard, my husband and I both know in our hearts that it’s the best thing. SO it is during times of crisis, like now, when public schools are shut down that we’re truly tested.

Thinking about how things will pan out between him and us leaves my heart to go out to all the other parents out there with autistic (and all other types of disabilities) children, whose worlds are flipped upside down with this God damned virus. Best of luck sensory parents, together we’ve got this! For anyone who needs to hear it, I’m telling you now, “YOU ARE STRONG! YOU ARE CAPABLE! YOU CAN GET THROUGH IT! There is a reason that YOU are the parent to the beautiful blessing of a child that you get to hold everyday and call your own!!”


I also a five year old daughter with more attitude than can fit in her 32 lb. body. Seriously, it’s spewing from every pore and exploding from the fingertips that she pretends to cast spells with on practically an hourly basis. Her little spitfire attitude wears on my son, but they love each other dearly and she might be exactly what he needs to learn patience and how to function in the real world with all the distractions that present themselves. Her pestering ways are a blessing in disguise for his growth.

Then here I am, trying to write two novels and edit a completed set of short stories all the while juggling everything that is our chaotic world right now. We all have our challenges, we all have our daily struggles, and most of us will run completely out of toilet paper before the month is through… That said, I’m sending my love to each and every person reading this. May we stay healthy and happy. Care for those closest to us, and ban together in prayer for humanity sake in this time of need and isolation.


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  1. Midnightlion says:

    Thank you Didi for a lovely and intriguing post! I hope you and your children are well and safe ❤️

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    1. Thank you! I hope all is well with you too 🙂

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      1. Midnightlion says:

        Your welcome, all is well on my side!


  2. annadusseau says:

    This is a post I really relate to. Thanks for sharing!


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    1. Thanks for reading! We really need to support one another in these trying times 🙂

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