Weathering Old Souls by James J. Cudney & Didi Oviatt: A Review

Thank you so very much Charles French for this wonderful review of Weathering Old Souls!!

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The two authors, Didi Oviatt and James J. Cudney  of Weathering Old Souls have created an excellent tale, in which they combine a thriller about a serial killer and a spiritual exploration of a woman who is trying to understand the impact of her past lives on her present existence.

This kind of story is a formidable task, one that could easily get muddled, but they do an extraordinary job of clarity of narrative lines in their writing. They do a fine job of creating and exploring the compelling characters, and they interweave their writing seamlessly.

This is a book that kept me captivated and completely pulled me into the narration. If you enjoy a novel that combines a variety of issues, both of the thriller genre and of an exploration of religious and spiritual concerns, then this book is for you! I found this novel to be wonderful, and…

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  1. Congratulations again, Didi!

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  2. Mike says:

    Outstanding review! Congratulations, Didi!

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    1. It is a great one! Thanks Mike 🤩

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