#Review #5stars The Playground: A Short Story, by E. Denise Billups #NextChapterPub @DeniseBillups


A short review, for a short read. This story took me less than thirty minutes to read and it was fantastic! Very quick, eerie, creative and easy to devour super fast. A woman lost her husband to a tragedy and was forced to sell all of their belongings in order to get by and raise her two small children. When they came across a small town with an endearing church to stay at for a short time, they were met with a very unfortunate fate.
You see, there is a dark entity there, one with a grudge and a very dark determination to seek revenge for what happened to him and his family several decades prior. The woman and her children suffer greatly.
Years later, a group of teens are out to prove to the community that their superstitions are purely that – and that no man in a cloak is there to haunt the town, nor is there anything strange going on at the playground across the way… Oh were they so very wrong! What they find is bone chilling!! 5 stars for me. I highly recommend this story, especially to anyone who uses KU!


Struggling for survival after the death of her husband, a woman leaves her hometown to make a fresh start. Arriving to the small town of Willows Grove, she and her two daughters take shelter in an old church next to a playground.

Seventeen years later, Jillian and her friends set out to disprove local folk tales of evil spirits that allegedly inhabit the burnt-out church and the playground next to it.

Arriving at the dilapidated playground, they wait for the hour the ghost has reportedly been seen, while mocking the silly townspeople’s beliefs. Very soon, their doubts are challenged, as they come face-to-face with something unspeakable.

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  1. Didi, thanks for reading my short story. I’m thrilled you enjoy it. 🥰🥰

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    1. It’s a wonderful short read! 🙂

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