WINNER WINNER, Amazon $25 giftcard WINNER! #AwesomeAmazonAuthor #FollowFive @MsFelicia @Didi_Oviatt @denaehaggerty @AuthorACMelody @brickleyjules

First off, THANK YOU everyone who participated in this rafflecopter and followed us awesome five on Amazon!

download (2)

For the last five days, there have been five Author spotlights, shared by each other (all five of us lol), and the only requirements to put in a drawing for the $25 was to follow all five on Amazon… That’s it, and that’s all! Easy-Peasy

5 Authors

#AwesomeAmazonAuthor $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! #FollowFive   

We had a whopping 327 entries guys, so again, THANK YOU!!!

And now……

…….for the moment we’ve all been waiting for…….

…..the winner…..


(and those are drum-rolls BTW)



Congrats Kelli!!  You have been contacted!! 🙂

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