Take a pick! Which lyric is your fav?!?!?!


Song Lyrics are so FUN to work with!! Especially when they’re quoted from the songs of amazingly strong female artists! 

For week five of our suspenseful weekly short story challenge we’re having fun, we’ve put together eight well known iconic Femme Fatale  singers. Big voices, great dance moves and lyrics, the talent is endless. Dead or alive their music and lyrics live on. This week, our challenge ( you included) is to creatively write a short story, using a lyric from one of their songs, that you all vote for. Join us and write a story of your own and tag it with #kdsuspense. This is a fun week.

Who will it be? I hope you picked your favorite lyric, then stay tuned to see what kind of story we come up with based on the words!

Note: The song’s theme is no influence on the type/genre of story we create, we’ll write as we feel not focusing on the actual type of song. Just using the lyric to be creative.  Voting will close this Friday (tomorrow). Find out more about our weekly writing challenges / read previous week’s stories here.

Femme Fatale week! Check out these talented ladies!  Kim and I can’t wait to write a story inspired by the lyrics of one of these amazing women’s songs! 🙂

Femme Fatale week