I don’t know about you, but I turn to comfort food for practically EVERYTHING! Just like I like to write projects and read books according to seasons and moods, I also like to EAT food that are seemingly appropriate for the literary occasion of the day. Call it a hankering for irony, or an awkward take on OCD, or don’t call it anything at all. I’m cool with that too.

Either way, I sometimes eat/drink accordingly… Because why not!?  Pissed off at the hubz; eat a big fat old greasy cheeseburger and wash it down with a vodka. Excited about life’s accomplishments; eat a steak and shrimp dinner then top it off with a margarita. Reading a romance; eat fruit and chocolate while sipping on some wine. Writing a paranormal; drink some coffee before bed and stay up all night and munch on chips. Mostly so that you can be really super careful about not making the bag crinkle because someone might hear you eat and attack you in the dark.

A couple weeks ago I referred everyone to a phenomenal fall appropriate soup recipe in my post Is It Fall Already?  I’m so glad that gave this soup a try. I actually doubled up the recipe and my family and I still ate every last drop of the pot by the next day. It worked out great because at the time I was working on a BETA read for a contemporary piece. It was a slow burn, but fulfilling so the soup was absolutely perfect for my food mood!

I think Denise Billups (the writer of the recipe) must be my food mood mind reader, because tonight I’ll be trying another of her choices. Here’s why.

There are actually a few reasons…

  1. It’s officially fall, and I’ll use any season or excuse at all really for an awesome desert!
  2. I actually have all the ingredients needed already in my house right now, so I don’t have to go shopping special. (that’s a really big deal in my world of cooking)
  3. Sadly, I recently had to defend my beliefs, and what I feel are moral rights as an U.S. citizen, to a situation where my words were twisted into something opposite as to what I actually stand for. Weird how that added twist of misconception happens so easily, that’s why I hate politics. Anyhow it left me feeling very American, and what is more American and Apple Pie? lol
  4. I made homemade Kailua (its coffee based) and we all know how perfectly coffee drinks go with apple treats!! My mouth is watering already.
  5. I’m almost finished with a romance/erotica that is a AWESOME read!  I plan on finishing it tonight and what’s sweeter than eating a delicious warming goodie while reading a delicious warming book!?

I’m just going to stop myself there. I’m sure I could come up with a thousand and one reasons (or excuses lol) to eat APPLE CRISP CRUMBLE!!!

Check out Denise’s recipe here!