A halfway through review… (is this even allowed?)

So, I’ve been making my way through a TBR list that I pulled from an Indi-Author open read swap that I posted just over a month ago. (yes it’s still open BTW and I republish the post every week or two to keep it growing. So stop on by and find a great book to read from the options in comments!)

Anyway, I’ve hit a slowing point on my way through reading the books listed, and here’s why… My daily routine is a bit crazy. I’m a mother of two with WAY too many logs on the fire. Between the kids, the hubz, the “job”, and my writing career, I’m pretty strapped for time.  As every other career mom is (or all moms for that matter) But, as much as that sounds like a reasonable enough excuse for being behind, it’s only half the reason.  As any good author knows, reading in general is IMPERATIVE to your growth as a writer. So naturally, finding the time to read another excellent writers work daily is very much a priority.

I pencil my reading time at night. That’s my routine, and it totally works for me. My kids are sleep fighters. They are 2 and 4 and they NEVER go to bed.  We battle for hours. Bath time is at 7:30 and we lay down by 8:30… But they never ever fall to sleep!!!  Which actually works out well for me, because I can read them their bedtime kids books first as we’re winding down, and then I can settle in with my Kindle and snuggle one or the other kid for the sometimes HOURS it takes them to fall asleep. They get their snuggles, I get some quiet reading time…. Win Win… It works for us.

Right now I’m reading a Paranormal book off of my Indi-Author open read swap list and it is ROCKING MY WORLD.  I love paranormal books. Well, I love all scary books.  Well, okay okay, I just love all genre’s of books. Variety is the spice of life right?

Anyway, this particular Paranormal is SO good, and SO scary that I’m honestly freaking myself out while trying to read it at night during my normal slot, and I’ve had to cut my reading time short. House noises have me on edge. Every time my dog makes a peep, I’m convinced there’s some creepy evil spirit messing with him. It’s so bad that I’m honestly seeing shadows.


To top things off I’m having nightmares!! BAD ONES

Now, let me tell you. The writing is superb. I absolutely love the story line, and I’m falling head over heals for the characters too!  There is so much going on with this book I just want to devour it, but its taking me so much longer than usual because I’m cutting each session short from being a scaredy-cat!

Anyway, I promise to finish it up over the next couple days. It’s time to strap on my big girl boots and get past my freaked out mental anguish. At that point I’ll give it a real review.  For now, if anyone out there is ready for a book that will actually make you tremble even in your sleep then this is it!!!!

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  1. yes, you’re always allowed to! 🙂

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    1. Good! This is like the third time I have, and everytime I feel like I’m breaking some sort of reviewers code or something lol 😂

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      1. Not that I’m an authority. But this seems like something where we shouldn’t have to worry about the boundaries. It’s an art! Hahaha

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      2. Agreed! 😆 … thanks for reading too btw 😉

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