Cheers everyone, I’ve made it a full year! I feel like so much has happened here on the blog over a full year’s time! In three hundred and sixty five days this very blog has had 535 blog posts, 25863 views, and 10745 visitors.

I have no idea how good or bad that is technically speaking… But, speaking for myself and my own personal satisfaction I’d say these numbers are AWESOME!!!


It’s been one hell of an exciting year, and I’m thrilled to keep on keepin’ at it! I’ve got to say I’m rather addicted to this whole Blogging extravaganza!ย  I love everything about it, especially all of the awesome people behind their pages. Getting a peek into the genius brains behind the blogs around here, and getting to chat with such awesome authors, booknerds, foodies, and more has been a pleasure! So, thanks bloggers for being a part of my little world for this past year, you’re the best!!!


To help me celebrate, don’t forget that I have a new release that just came out this month Search For Maylee! As well as a special slasher sale going on in honor of the creepy creep season, Aggravated Momentum!


Since Maylee was abducted from her high school the very month of graduation, her Aunt Autumn has never lost hope in finding her. Itโ€™s been three years. Autumn has finally reached inside herself and found the courage to track down an old lead. She moves across the country to find him. Will Autumn be able to pry Mayleeโ€™s case back open? More importantly, what will Autumn uncover in the process of searching for Maylee? Itโ€™s a cold dark world we live in, and she is about to find out just how cruel it can be. Strength and determination are on Autumnโ€™s side and she will do what ever it takes.


Not everything is as it seems in what appears to be an average family. When danger lurks so close to home, skeletons emerge, and the darkest of secrets surface, causing twisted desires to become reality. Aggravated Momentum offers the perspective of some very diverse and unique characters, including fun, witty personalities to fall in love with, along with an intellectual killer to die for. You may be surprised as to whom exactly you can relate. Is it the cold, calculated murderer, who’s name is yet to be revealed? Markie or Kam, the independent sisters, guilty of nothing more than getting tangled with the wrong people at the most inopportune times? Or, the cowardly snake curled in a hidden corner? Who are you, exactly? And, more importantly, who are they? The deeper you dig into the psyche of another, the more breath taking are the secrets you will find.

AM victim