Please don’t make me go in that cold damp dirt,

I’m small, and I’m fragile, I know it will hurt.

You’re meant to be planted, you’re a winter bulb,

Only when you blossom, will your story be told.

The weight is too heavy, I can’t hardly breath,

It’s squeezing me tight, please help me, help me, I’m only a seed.

Take in a breath, find your roots, reach down deep,

Look around, and find I’ve given you everything you need.

I’m cracking, I can feel it, please don’t let me die,

Why don’t I believe you? Feeling so lost, I give up, I only cry.

Those tears give you water, just open your eyes,

You’ve cracked cause your sprouting, you’ll soon find meaning in life.

My muscles are clenched, the ground is freezing,

I’m grabbing for something, anything to help my body from seizing.

Where did you go? Why won’t you pull me out?

You promised you’d stay, you said you’d help me to sprout.

You lied and abandoned me, I’m alone and starving, I have no sight,

I reach up for nourishment, I pull hard through the tears and fight.

There’s no hope I can feel it, I’m left alone in my sorrow to linger,

My body’s shut down, all but one last up reaching finger.

Wait, what is that? There’s a small warmth above me,

With every ounce I can gather, I pull up, I have to see.

This must be it, I pull again with all my might,

It’s the sun! I let go of my fears, opening myself to the light.

My colors are beautiful, I’ve dug out through despair,

I’ve been stuck for so long, I can finally relax and take in fresh air.

I’m glad to see you, I have been waiting, so patiently from above,

I’ve dreamt of this day with a smile, I just knew those colors I’d love.

Why did you leave me when I needed you the most?

I begged and I pleaded but you were gone, like a ghost.

On the contraire my sweet seed, I have been here all along,

I nourished the soil, tied your roots down, made the bond.

I blessed you with patience and strength, by giving you time and fear,

The cold all around, made you find warmth inside yourself my dear.

Now that you’ve found your own strength to grow,

You can never be broken, even in the next winters blow.

The seasons will come then leave, sometimes even violently,

You have a long life a head, I will stay with you silently.

I will sit back now, let you reflect on the good in your life,

Take one day at a time, trust in healing, and in the power given with great strife.

-Didi Oviatt